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Tow And A Half Feminist Men

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The television show Two a Half Men focuses on three self-centered family members, two uncles’ men and a kid in the middle of a divorce, who now lives part time with millionaire friend/uncle Walton. The trio consists of Walton who is the millionaire whom bought the beach house after Charlie passed away after having problems with the actual producers, Allan, Charlie’s original brother who now lives with Walton because he feels bad and Jake, Allan’s son who lives with the two of them every weekend. Each episode involves the two men bringing back women to the house and the shenanigans that go down during the weekend with women and parties all while the younger son, Jake is watching all. During ...view middle of the document...

The scene continues with what appears to show Missi getting more and more attracted to Walton by asking slightly sexy questions, which would mean that the sexual level was rising. Missi begins by saying, “ I have a question, it might seem crazy idea, but may you’d like to hook up with my mom?” With Missi leading on the conversation with sexual questions directed towards Walton, thought to Walton’s surprise, Missi was asking Walton to go on a date with Missi’s mother.

Hot blondes like Missi are usually considered to be dumb because of their blonde hair and can’t do much for them selves. They also are seen wearing low shorts to show their behinds and shorter shirts to show their stomachs. By the looks of Walton, who is a wealthy man and because Missi only wears nice things, you can imagine Missi also comes from a nice neighborhood like the one they’re currently in. This portrays that Missi comes from a rich family so she is also looking for a rich man to match her wealth like that of Walton’s.

The initial misconception about embodied identity leads to discrimination towards Walton due to minor presumptions like the last paragraph. During the middle of the episode, Walton and Missi are in his room, on her bed because Missi has a problem and asks for Walton’s advice or help on the situation to make a move on him but surprises him by asking Walton to go on a date with Missi’s mom. After a few moments passes Walton quickly begins to realizes Missi doesn’t want him but he wants to set him up with a date with Missi’s mother. Disregarding Dee, Dennis informs Terrell the bar is closed and that they do not want “any trouble.” I am not trying to imply that if Missi’s mom doesn’t get a date with Walton she is dead for but according to (Tannen 2001) women without men usually have a harder time economically. Along with words, speech patterns also reflect our sexist culture. This misconception that Missi’s moms need a boy friend is a misconception in this show, showing women can’t make it on their own earnings. Feminist is the belief in the social, political and economical equality of the sexes and the social movements organized around the belief. Discrimination is defined as: “unequal treatment of individuals based on their membership in a social group; usually motivated by prejudice” (Ferris and Stein 228).

The second misconception the trio makes causes them to deduce prejudice ideas about army soldiers in today’s society. At the beginning of the whole series when Jake was still a kid, his main role was to be a more ignorant and not on the bright side. During the beginning and the end of this episode Jake comes back from Jail and they portray him as if he is fine and even smarter then when he left. Know one in the show actually comments on it because it most likely a producer’s edit but the fact the going to war and coming back smarter and perfectly okay is unrealistic. Before Jake left to the military he also had eating problems and problems talking to...

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