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Toward A Better Lifestyle Essay

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What is lifestyle? The simplest definition of this word is how a person lives and preforms his daily routine. Smoking, safety and food safety are lifestyle aspects that will be mentioned in this assignment, as they are also considered important health determinates. I’ve interviewed my friend’s family; they live in Abu Dhabi and consist of a father, mother, five sons and one blessing daughter. The family is well educated as the parents both completed university, yet the mother stopped after that so she could have enough time raising the kids. The father in his mid 50’s and he work in a petroleum company.
None of us is perfect; we all have this one bad habit that we can’t let go easily. Smoking is one of the bad, common habits mostly starts in the early teenage years and the earlier a smoker starts his journey, the more addicted he gets. A study done in 2010 showed that 40% of the smokers in the UAE are school students comparing to 25% in 2005, the number of smokers is increasing rapidly which is not a good sign for sure (Staff, 2010).
Tobacco is a green leafy plant that can be provided in many different ways for example; in cigarettes, shisha or powdered but at the end they all have the same consequences, as they cause harm for almost all the organs in the body. The national news pointed that shisha and medwakh are common forms of smoking among the UAE citizens (Cleland, 2013). Now days, tobacco is well known for causing deadly medical conditions like lung diseases. Many smokers are aware of the risk of tobacco smoke and how dangerous it is but they don’t really know that what they smoke is not only tobacco. In fact, one cigarette contains up to 70 and more chemicals associated in cancers in addition to tobacco and the FDA proved this fact. These chemicals can be the reason behind tons of life threating diseases including lip cancer, gum severe infection and going all the way down to the liver, also researchers suggested that smoking might also cause rectum cancer. Despite the bad reputation of this plant, there is a healthy side of it as it’s considered to treat mental illnesses and works as a pain relief.
About the family I interviewed, my friend’s father listed his name in the smokers list, as he grew up smoking became an addiction to him. His story begins at the age of 16 after his father passed away, he had a belief that one cigarette is capable to relief stress so he used his father’s death as a reason to smoke and since then, he couldn’t stop smoking although he tried to. According to the parents’ answers it shows that they have a good knowledge regarding the risk of smoking, whether it’s on the smoker itself or people surrounding him.
The good thing about the father is that he tried to quit smoking, all though he failed but one try is never enough. Our country is fighting to kill this habit also they provided Sheikh Khalifa Medical City’s Smoking Cessation Clinic that helped 155 out of 395 smokers getting rid of smoking in 2010...

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