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Towards A Feminist Poetics Essay

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In this essay ELAINE SHOWALTER presents critical essay "Towards A Feminist poetics." Human beings are more respected then in any other country. In England women were treated as cattle, they were not allowed to unit enter the library.

"All the literature almost produced by men." Merely a handful of women we have as writer. The women were forced to consume male produced literature; as a result there is no chance to know the article. The female inferiority was deep-rooted for centuries in the world and has been perpetuated by major thinkers.

Saint Thomas called women "An imperfect man and an incidental being."

Aristotle is of the view that the female by nature of certain lack of qualities. The Holy Bible also says, "she is made for man, but man is not meant for women."

Every since Simon de Beavoir a French woman wrote "The Second Sex" regarding justice to women, as a result of patriarchal how women were made to take a secondary place. The society is made of fifty of men and 50% of women. It represents economic and financial freedom, so women must have sufficient freedom, women badly requires social recognition. They were discouraged for writings. If they start writings; "Blue stocking with an itch for scribbling." Feminist Criticism can be divided into two distinct varieties. The first type is concerned with woman as reader and the second type is woman as writer.

WOMAN AS READER: His analysis of woman as reader that light upon the images and stereo types of women in literature, the omissions and mis-conceptions about women in criticism. Here woman is considered as the consumer of the productions, the structural meaning analysis of woman in symbolic, system. It is the way in which the female readers changes the generation and awakening us to the...

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