Towards Conserving And Restoring The Eco System For A Better Tomorrow

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Conservation! Conservation! Conservation! That is the one thing I would do passionately. We owe it to our environment that we are here today after all those millions of millennia. The same environment that many of us are oblivious of is the one which will tenderly take care of our descendants and all forms of life in generations to come. The state of the economy, the GDP or what is trending will be of no value if we do not take care of planet earth.
Since industrialization came into the mainstream late in the 18th century, it affected households and this led to change in lifestyles. Though it made our work as human beings easier, it became the leading force behind the culture of consumerism and here we are today.
We burn fuel to move around with our automobiles. We cut down trees to get timber and paper. People still use wood as fuel in the village I come from. The begging question is how many people take their time to replace these trees. United Nations estimates that thirteen million hectares of forest is lost worldwide per year. Deforestation is linked to quarter of anthropogenic carbon emissions. It affects biodiversity and natural water regulation. The Kyoto Protocol should be revised and even more stringent measures put in place to countries producing the highest carbon footprint. Politics shouldn't come into play in such lifeline matters.
Man as the undisputed pioneer in manipulating the environment to fit his never ending needs has even manipulated the atmosphere making greenhouses to grow flowers and vegetables. Pollution of water sources through pesticides and chemical effluents continues. Mining isn't left behind. It pollutes the air and releases particulates which cause harm to living things.
The human population is burgeoning by the day. They need a shelter. What do they do? They clear forests, national parks and water catchment areas to settle. Mau in Kenya is an example if this. Demand for rhino horns and elephant tusks is ever rising majorly from the East. The horns are used to make ornaments and some believe when crushed the powder can be used as medicine. We are losing our nations pride in a devastating manner. By the end of September this year, Kenya the largest sanctuary of wildlife in East Africa had lost 190 elephants and 34 rhinos, a greater number than the previous year.
Poaching has turned out to be an epidemic in Africa. Due to unemployment, young people venture into poaching because of its good remuneration. Calls have been made from different quarters to declare poaching a national disaster. I second this. It’s a well-known fact that elimination of a particular species from an ecosystem breaks down the food chain and in the process affecting other organisms. Eventually it leads to animals dying if they can’t migrate and plants may die. Over the last two centuries, we have witnessed plant and animal species go extinct and human activity and its population burst has been noted as the main factor.
With these facts on...

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