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Town Of Walls Essay

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The population of the Walls Town (also Town of Walls) area has been head towards a slow increase since the 2010 census with the promise of economic growth. According to the 2012 demographic projection of the U.S. Census there was a .77 % population increase in 2011 with 1,171 persons, and a 5.21% population increase in 2012 with a total population of 1,232. (It is important to mention there are many discrepancies with this number, some report a population of 725, +/- 185) The Town of Walls boosts an overall population increase of 6.02% within two years. The distribution of men and women in the community is slightly even, with men at 45.7 % (531 +/-) and women at 54.3 % (631 +/-). The median ...view middle of the document...

There is also a small Eastern influence in the community with 0.6 % Asians (3 Chinese, and 3 Filipino), 0.1 % Korean (1); and 0.2 % American Indian and Native Alaskan (2). There is not a lot of diversity here.
In considering the shift of ages within the community, there would be a disparity in the types of households and the marital status of each citizen. In Walls there are a total of 440 household units, with a vacancy in 34 of them. Within this 406; there are 297 family households. The means that the housing occupation is one person and one or more other people related to the householder by birth, marriage, or adoption. There are 150 husband/wife household, 17 Single men household, 130 single women households, and 109 non fail households consisting of people living alone and households which do not have any members related to the householder. Similar to the age distribution charts, there is a high presence of single person’s in Walls. The average household size is 2.86, and 52.2 % of the population have individuals under 18 living with them. With this knowledge, there is a high adolescent rate in Walls, and a high single parent rate as well.

With more population stationed in rented housing, what are the income levels like? What causes more citizen to rent versus own their property? Do they believe that there is no permanence in the town or do they believe that the economic environment is not as stable as we predict? In considering the population estimate of 2008- 2012 American community survey 5- year estimate ate there were 487 persons over the age of 16 and 308 were in the civilian work force. Out of the 308, 263 were employed, and 45 unemployed, and 179 not in the work force. Out of this work force the majority were women (170 women were in the work force versus 138 men in walls, which is consistent with the fact that women hold the slight majority) In this work force, out of 170 women, 41 were unemployed; versus 4 of the 138 for men.

The highest ethnicity in the poverty line is black or African Americans at 42.1%. Even though they have 6% more of the total population the poverty increase is not consistent with the second majority.
So where do they work? According to the average commute time of 25.9 minutes, most seek employment outside of the Walls Town area, depending heavily on the autonomy of their personal transportation. This also suggest that daily traffic through the Town of Walls is minimal since many workers commute out.

The income bracket with the highest citizen number is $25,000 - $34,999. This suggest household with two persons. And those who live below the poverty line, are single individuals (mainly women) with children. At 57.4 %, with the overall population at 26.4 %. Even though women hold more jobs, it can be inferred that they don’t receive as much pay as the men within Walls. Is this because there are more women in a subordinate role?

From the occupations in Walls, it is evident that...

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