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Local communities can eliminate occurrences such as drug trafficking, gang extortion, abuse of local school council power, corruption of local civil authorities, prostitution, child and spousal abuse if they break the code of silence within the neighborhood. These occurrences take place, with the knowledge of the residents because of the non-involvement attitude members of the community have taken. Firstly, members of the community must work together as an extended family. Secondly, law abiding citizens can eradicate crime in the community by reporting criminal activity to the local authorities. Thirdly, citizens within a community can remove abusive school council leaders and local civil authorities by exercising their right to vote. Eliminating these occurrences within the community is not the responsibility of others, but the responsibility of those who reside within the neighborhood.
Firstly, members of the community must work together as an extended family. Two social problems which wreck the infrastructure of the community is the withdrawal of parents from the activities of their children and the lack of facilities to allow residents to interact with each other. Facilities allow residents of the neighborhood to interact with one another which create stronger ties in the community. Without the social gatherings of parents, the mind-set and the direction of the community remain unknown. Without the facilities to extend educational hours along with the development of social skills and common courtesies the constant infighting will continue without meaningful dialogue. These two social problems must be addressed immediately to halt the fragmentation of the infrastructure of communities.
Solving many of these criminal occurrences begin in the home. Parents and children need to be reeducated on socializing with one another. Criminal activity can be slashed by government funding of afterschool programs and summer camps, which would keep our youth off the streets while their parents are working. Community centers could bring back educational competitions and athletic tournaments, which would give the youth something to look forward to. Additionally, the community needs to confront morality and discipline issues in the home, school, and all public institutions. Households, schools, and community centers uniting to construct a strong community will help eliminate criminal occurrences. “Faced with a growing crime rate, city and state officials called on four community-based nonprofits—Nation of Islam, Ella J. Baker House, Bruce Wall Ministries, and Boston Ten Point Coalition—to help develop Solutions” Earley, Mark L and et al.
Secondly, law abiding citizens can eradicate crime in the community by reporting criminal activity to the local authorities. Local authorities has to make sure the community can trust them by not having a code of silence when it comes to the criminal activity witnessed themselves by a co-worker. “One of the most significant...

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