Toxic Animals: The World Of Spiders

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Spiders are beautiful creatures that belong to the order Arachnida, their found in different environments all of the world even in damp marshes of the desertas long as there are arthropods to feed on (Preston-Mafham, 1993).All spiders are carnivores they hunt and feed on live insects, although some family of spiders specialize in hunting other spiders, the main thing is that they are all carnivores (Preston-Mafham, 1993). Some spiders hunt at night while others hunt during daylight time. The nocturnal spiders don’t depend on the webs to trap and catch insect but, instead they rely on the scent of the insect and the vibrations the insect emit on the ground to catch them (Dalton, 2008).the morphology of spiders hasn’t changed that much since the past you can see from the evidence of fossil records (Gertsch, 1979).
Figure 1: The morphology of the spider illustration (taken from Dalton 2008)
Spiders have deferent morphological characteristics than insects; as showed in Figure 1 they have four pair of legs and their mouth part is design to squeeze and crushing their prey and to suck fluid out of the bodies of the prey the catch (Hawkeswood, 2003).Different spiders make different webs, so species of spiders can be identified by the webs the make. The strength of the silk of the spider is five times stronger than steel of the same thickness (Dalton, 2008). Different species of spiders lay different kinds of eggs; their shapes and color are different (Hawkeswood, 2003). When people see spiders they see horror movies, the have this view that they were design to attack humans, but spiders only bite when their pinned against the skin(Dalton, 2008). They are very use full in controlling pets like flies, mosquitos and other flying insects (Hawkeswood, 2003).
1. GENUS SPECIES: Badumnainsignis sp.
General information and description
This spider belong to the family Desidae and is commonly known as the black house spider, it has a dull black body and with a black abdomen or with small white spots markings (Hawkeswood, 2003). Males of this species are a little smaller than the female species and have very long legs than the female, it is commonly found in residential areas and woodlands female usually build their webs in the corners of windows and houses basically in any outside structure (Hawkeswood, 2003).
Clinical aspects
These spiders rarely bite their easily frightened, but if they happen to bite their bite is very painful and it causes local swelling, nausea, vomiting, sweeting, dizziness and in a few cases the bite can cause skin laceration (Brunet, 2008).
All you need is ice packs to boot out pain on the bite area, but if the symptoms continue you should go and see a doctor (York-Main, 1976).

2. GENUS SPECIES: Scytodesfusca sp.
General information and description
This spider belongs to the family Scytodidae and is commonly known as the brown spitting spider because of...

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