Toxic Love: An Analysis Of The Destructiveness Of Sex

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Sex is intended to be a wonderful, subliminal experience shared between a man and a woman, however when the act of sex is abused it can turn into an addiction, a trap that leaves its victims unsatisfied and in a constant search to quench their lustful thirst. Lustful thoughts could drive a person mad if they cannot find a way to release the sexual tensions they feel. In Ernest Hemingway’s novel, The Sun Also Rises, the author illustrates the destructiveness of sex through the twisted romantic relationships between the characters. The web of affairs that occurs between some of the characters affects each character in their own ways.
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Mike, Brett’s fiancé, gets annoyed with Cohn for constantly following Brett around, yet he doesn’t do anything about Brett’s sleeping around. Mike just simply puts up with Brett’s promiscuousness and the most he does is make comments about how he disapproves of her sleeping with “Jews and bullfighters.” Mike not show how he truly feels about his fiancés affairs at first, but towards the end of the novel he starts to through tantrums and when Brett runs off with Romero, he sits in his room and gets drunk. Sex destroys each of the characters by shattering their true desires.
Brett’s sexual addiction consumes her thoughts causing her to become a selfish and self-centered person. Brett ends up hurting all of the men she gets involved with and she doesn’t seem to care how it affects them. As, long as she gets what she wants, she is happy. Throughout the novel, Brett asks Jake if he still loves her and once he tells her that he does she tells him that she loves him too. Then she turns around and tells Jake that they can’t be together or she tells him about her affairs with other men. She walks all over Jakes and uses him to comfort herself, not caring about how her words and actions hurt Jake. Brett claims that she loves Jake, but she doesn’t care enough to give up her sexual desires for her desire to be with Jake. She basically toys with Jake’s emotions and only comes to him when she needs to be comforted. When she talks about her affairs with Jake she makes Jake feel even more incompetent and depressed because he knows that he will never be able to be with her. In chapter four of the Sun Also Rises, after Brett and Jake hang out with the Count, Jake curses Brett’s name, looks at his injury in the mirror and eventually cries himself to sleep. Jake’s injury didn’t really bother him that much before, but once Brett came back into his life he started to become more frustrated and bothered by his wound.
Hemingway reveals the positions of the men chasing after Brett through the description of the role that the steers play during the releasing of the bulls, which is an idea that was discussed in class. The steers are used as distractions to keep the bulls from killing each other. The bulls represent Mike and Cohn who are constantly fighting to get Brett, while Jake represents the steer that, in the long run, is gored and hurt by the bulls. There is a scene in the book where Mike and Cohn almost get in a fight, but Jake jumps in and separates them, kind of like how the steer prevents the bulls from fighting. The reason why Jake is like the steer is because the steer is castrated,...

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