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Toy Evaluation Essay

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The toy picked for the toy evaluation in child and development psychology class was a Transformer for the suggested age of 3. A brief description of the Transformer will be given to identify the characteristics and how they are suitable or not suitable for the recommendation age listed. The toy will be analyzed on specific qualities that relate to how it can foster growth of the child and be evaluated on what the necessary abilities are needed to play with the unit. This toy will also be evaluated as it pertains to how the child would play with the car and if the child would be able to grasp the concept of the Transformer. Other cognitive concepts will be applied to how the Transformer is used and if the child would be able to understand the Transformer. The fine motor skills and gross motor skills used to play with the Transformer car will be another topic of discussion. In addition, the toy will be reviewed to how or if it would be shared within a social environment and if an adult would be able to participate in teaching the child.
The Transformer is in the shape of a car and has a picture of a robot on the bottom of the car. The top of the car was mostly black with some gray trim and had the transformer logo in grey on the hood of the car. The car is approximately 2 to 3 inches in length and about 1 inch wide. There is an imprint of a robot that is mainly light grey with black, blue and red accents on the bottom of the car. The robot is easy to make out because it is prominent from the brown background, although, it took a close examination to make out all the details of the robot. There is also the name of the character under the robot on the bottom of the car. The name of this particular Transformer is Sideways. The Transformer has very similar features to a Matchbox car with the exception of the robot imprint on the bottom. There were also a variety of other cars with different depictions that were assorted in color and character.
A 3-year old child would have most of the motor development abilities to play with the Transformer car. The child would be able to grasp the unit and be able to place the object on large flat objects like floors, end table tops or on couch cushions. The child would be able to use some fine motor skills that make the car turn or move back and forth. A 3-year old may exhibit some of these fine motor skills with his or her tongue sticking out depending on how hard it is for the child to do these things. The child might also be able to use some gross motor skills with the toy too. The youth could walk with the car rolling on the table or crawl with the car on the ground. This student assumes the child could do the things, but also think that the child would move slowly and have to concentrate to do some of these activities.
The child would be able to keep some of his or her attention on what he or she was doing. Children at age 3 would also have a more primitive selective attention span that would keep the...

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