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Toyota Lexus Case Study In Relation To Toyota Lexus And Their Rival Car Brands In The New Zealand's Luxury Auto Market

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Sources: Light,E. (1997). A marque of class , Marketing Magazine,June,pp28-32; Anderson, D (1998) Lexus goes delux,New Zealand, 4 March, pF1Questions1. Discuss how factors influencing problem reconition could impact on a buyer's choice between car brands. How is this reflected in the promotional activities of the brands?2. How wpould you measure problem recognition if you were a marketing manager?3. How is Toyota seeking to overcome the stigma of being a Japanese car?4. I.D the individual, social and lifestyle influences that are likely to impact a consumer when purchasing a luxury car?5. Discuss with direct reference to a motivation theory, how the purchase of a car like ToyotaLexus can appeal to the motives that drive consumer decision making?6. Discuss the legal and ethical requirements that are likely to be binding on the marketers at ToyotaLexus?1.0Factors influencing problem recognition have a direct correlation for a buyer's choice over the different luxury car brands. The variation between the consumer's desired (wants) and self-perceived (actually have) conditions will trigger problem recognition in people and encourage certain purchases, to fulfill this void. Culture and social class, reference groups, household characteristics, financial status, previous decisions, individual development, motives, emotions and the situation largely alter the desired state that inflict these discrepancies, creating problem recognition. Often the actual state is also impacted by factors including normal depletion, product performance, and the availability of products.Consumers identify with certain facets before purchasing a luxury car. Status, image performance, comfort and security are the cornerstones of the consumer decision-making process when involved in the choice between these car brands.Culture and social class present large limitations for lifestyle that outline the desired state. One person's culture will immensely influence their purchases, which includes the type of car they are likely to drive. A consumer associated with a high social class and a prosperous background would be more inclined to buy a BMW or Merc, which is universally renowned as a successful person's car and the prestige involved in owning one.A change in reference groups will impact on a consumer's lifestyle and also alter their desires, as they will feel the need to match the new standards of the group. The consumer will want to be socially accepted amongst his peers in the group. In this case it would not have a significant impression over these car brands, as they are all pursuing the same market.Household characteristics including the existence and number of children will adjust needs, attitudes and lifestyles of consumers that will impact on the consumer decision between the brands of car. Consumers with a family, that have safety for their children and partners in mind, will more likely remark the Audi as they promote the safety element in their car.Financial status...

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