Toyota Marketing Strategies Essay

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In a struggling United States economy, Toyota has to be sure to understand that results may not be huge and they may not be quick to come by. Looking at Toyota’s most recent year of sales, we can see that there is room for improvement, but we need to keep the positive trend going that the last three years have provided. The first thing Toyota needs to do is get information regarding the 2014 Highlander Hybrid out to its target market. If Toyota aims to increase sales of this particular model by 15% in 2014, thus increasing market share and profits, Toyota could effectively take a hold of the SUV hybrid market.
Marketing Strategies
Business Level Strategy
The strategy Toyota would need to put in place is a strategy that would focus completely on customer needs and creating customer value and thus giving Toyota a competitive advantage. Demographically, Toyota needs to focus on family income earners of $100,000 or more. Toyota needs to brand this SUV as a money saving family vehicle that also protects the environment. By doing this, Toyota effectively gives customers what they need and can continue to gain a competitive advantage with families.
Positioning Statement
The 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a family oriented, money saving SUV. While other hybrid SUVs provide similar gas mileage, none are as efficient and spacious as the Highlander Hybrid. In this way, The Highlander Hybrid can offer a comfortable ride for the whole family while saving you money every time you drive.

Product Description
The New 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited brings a whole new design to the SUV hybrid Market. With its 28 miles per gallon, and roomy interior, this SUV is perfect for the family on the go! With a starting Price tag of $47,300, this SUV will change the way you look at Hybrids.
Description of Support Services Offered
1. 100,000 mile limited Warranty.
2. Free Oil Changes and tire rotation for a year at any Toyota Dealership.
3. Direct line to a customer service representative.
4. Free Family upgrade to an in Car DVD/BLU Ray player with the purchase of an additional warranty.
5. Free Inspections until 150,000 miles.
Primary Pricing Objective
The goal should be to have semi-flexible pricing, so that Toyota can get more people into these vehicles. The price is set at $47,300. In order to attract more customers, take the price down to $39,995 to begin with. This will attract more customers because the price is more attractive. Also, this will allow you to be a little more flexible in dealing with customers. Don’t sell for to low so that the customers feel that you don’t believe in your product, but don’t sell to high so that they feel cheated.
Distribution Channels
Distribution in the United States doesn’t need to change. There are plenty of Toyota dealerships across the nation and it is easy to find exactly what a customer is looking for.
Promotional Plans
The first promotional plan will be aimed directly at families of...

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