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Toyota's Prius Advertisement Campaign Essay

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Upon the launch of the advertisement campaign for the Prius, Toyota has often painted a grossly inaccurate depiction of the effects of its vehicles. Often the suggestion of a “do-no-wrong” or “I-love-the-environment-more-than-you” feeling is conveyed. Eventually, someone got fed up with the stereotypical image Toyota created and launched their own advertisement, favoring to use body-dumpers instead of environmentally conscience individuals as model drivers. Indeed the Prius is a revolutionary vehicle, it’s gas-mileage and low-emissions have made tremendous positive impacts on both the environment and consumer’s wallets, but it seems Toyota may be getting a little ahead of itself.
Many of us understand that if we hear or see something that’s too good to be true, it logically can’t be. Driving a Prius doesn’t forgive our transgressions against mother nature or even towards other people, and by appealing to logos the author successfully challenges Toyota’s claims that seem to say otherwise. Also, although not all of us carry the skeletons of murder in our closet, nor do we live in a world where light and dark are separated from each other by a vehicle, the pictures suggestions are no more inflated than a Toyota commercial’s sales pitch. Exaggeration and pathos are skillfully employed to draw attention to the author’s conflicting view of the Prius, once again effectively contesting Toyota’s assurances. The Prius offers many benefits for both the public world and a consumer’s private life, but simultaneously does not offer a free “get-out-of-jail” card for poor choices.
Lumia 2
The cliché conflict between light and dark that has been employed in countless literary and visual masterpieces is once again selected to aid the condemnation of Toyota’s inflated advertisements. The picture employs the Prius as a shield of sorts protecting the driver from the impermeable haze of his wrongdoing as he dumps the body into the pristine lake. His shady behavior is essentially canceled out by the hybrid, further enforcing the exaggeration of the vehicle’s effectiveness as a sin-absolving agent. The author also seems to craftily slip in a subliminal message connected to the supposed environmental impact the Prius consistently boasts. While the majority of the picture is of the utmost crisp and clean quality of the purest outdoor area the one area that appears spoiled and rotten is being held back by the Prius’ shield. The faceless carcass in the ad will eventually begin to decay and sour the lake, ruining the symbiosis of the ecosystem, and robbing the area of a viable natural resource, but the man’s hybrid holds its ground to ensure no haze infiltrates the serene scene; after all, it’s the car’s duty to protect the man’s reputation, and live up to the bloated image Toyota created. While the...

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