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Toyota Solara Public Relations Plan Essay

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IntroductionToyota Motor Corporation, a spin off of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, was established in 1937 in Japan. Upon its creation, Toyota wanted to manufacture and sell cars and parts domestically. Very early on, Toyota's management understood that the only way to become a giant in the automotive industry was through globalization, so in 1949 Ho Tai Motor Co., Ltd. began operations in Taiwan. Toyota's global growth continued over the years with an operations plant in El Salvador in 1953, another in Saudi Arabia in 1955, Honduras in 1956, 1957 saw the birth of three plants Costa Rica, Thailand and Toyota Motor Sales in the United States. (History 1953-1960) With its global expansion well on the rise, Toyota concentrated on making its mark as a top automaker. Toyota prides itself in understanding the wants and needs of its external publics.Executive SummaryToyota Motor Corporation is dedicated to producing automobiles that are high in quality, durable, affordable, and exciting to drive. Toyota prides itself in giving the public what it wants without compromising its styles, integrality and without cutting corner when it comes to safety.Although Toyota is originally a Japanese company, over the years it has come to consider the United States its adoptive home. In the aftermath of the President Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, September 11th, Osama Bin Laden and the war on terrorism, America was feeling battered, bruised, and beaten. In tribute and honor of its adoptive home and in an effort to renew American spirits, Toyota has decided to launch the "all new second generation" (Toyota Brochure) of its Solara. The Solara, which will be available in the summer of 2004, it is the most American car Toyota has manufactured to date.Toyota understand what strong roots and family mean to every person, whether Japanese born, Japanese American born, or American born. Family is the backbone of all our lives and Toyota wants to strengthen its "family" by introducing an automobile that was designed, created, manufactured, and introduced in the United States.Public Relations IssuesEven a well-known automaker such as Toyota will face some public relations issues when it comes to the launch of its new Solara. Even though Toyota has had an operations plant in the United States for almost fifty years, many consumers still see it as a Japanese company and have had serious reservations regarding purchasing automobiles that are not "made in America." Toyota's manufacturers, management, and public relations professionals don not wish to lose potential customers due to a deep sense of patriotism. Toyota must show the American consumer that although America is not Toyota's first home but it is its adoptive home and Georgetown, Kentucky is the birthplace of the all new, all American 2004 Solara.After Toyota has established itself as America's adoptive son, it must contend with "All-American" automakers such as Ford and General Motors. Continuously proving itself has been no...

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