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Toys And Activities For Babies Essay

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Toys and Activities for Babies
Children in general need to be safe and in addition to that their toys need to match their ages, especially their stages of development as well as their abilities. A lot of those safe further more appropriate playing materials for the children are free items which are typically found at home. There are those playing material which can be used in one way or the other by the children of various age groups. these could be playing materials such as plastic bowls, Cardboard boxes, lids, a collection of plastic, bottle caps, in addition to other treasures. In this case there is a website which offers suggested toys for children of different ages and in going through the website one of the main things which is supposed to be kept in mind is that each and every child develops at his or her own pace. There is a list of items which children can use for playing. The list comprises of a good choice for children with different ages that is the younger as well as the older then the suggested age range. This article majors generally on those toys for young infants that is from birth to the age of six months though mostly three and four months of age. At this stage babies like to stare at people and following them with the eyes. In general, it is at this age limits that they prefer faces as well as bright colors (Goldfield, 1987). Babies can get in touch with, can be fascinated with that which their hands as well as their feet can do, they can lift their heads, turn their it in the direction of the sounds, they put various things they come across in their mouths, and many more. They recommended good toys for young infants as well as children of different ages which are recommended have got to be
-Things which they can reach for, suck on, hold, shake, make enough noise with these may include toys such as rattles which make noise, large rings which they cannot swallow into their mouths , squeeze toys, soft dolls, teething toys, textured balls, as well as album plus board books
-Things which they can listen to for instance books with nursery rhymes as well as poems, and the recordings of lullabies plus simple songs.
-The things to look at may be pictures of the faces hung so that the baby can observe them in addition to the unbreakable mirrors (Bromwich, 1976).
The developmental information is presented for each age range is that, when the child is at the age of three months, their sleeping as well as their eating patterns of the baby become extra predictable. This is because the parent to the child can begin noticing that their month old baby discovering new way to communicate with the parent or to any other person he sets his her eyes on it is at this age that the child begins to discover the world through means of feeling, touching, or even grabbing each and everything within his or her reach (Pierce, 2000). The child first begins by recognizing the mother is she is the one who spends most of the time with him or her and...

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