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Tracey Mollet And Jack David Zipes' Opinions Of Disney

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Zipes and Mollet Summary
Tracey Mollet is a modern history researcher. She received her BA from Oxford and her MA from Leeds. Primarily she researched the Nazi regime in Germany, from 1933 to 1945. However while she was working on her MA she became more interested and captivated in the animation produced by the famous Disney Studios during World War II. This particular subject has not been researched or studied on: which made her even more interested and motivated. Her theses on her research paper argues that Disney Productions since 1932 presents as an adaptation mechanism for the depression of the era. She used mainly the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story to support her argument that Disney recreated the literary world in a way that helped societies to deal with the great depression. She stated that the new literary ideas or reforms helped focus in having hope and being optimistic and happy endings.

“Despite the undeniable fanciful world of Disney’s shorts, it would be a grave mistake to associate people’s attachment to the Disney brand as nothing more than a desire for escapism.” (Page 113) She indicated that the society needed something that they could not identify with to “escape”. She also claims that Disney changed fairy tales and made it more fit for the American society. Disney portrayed the “American dream” of happily ever after and happy endings. She concluded that Walt Disney changed social myths and dreams in to a transformational literary form, and helped the grey and cloudy America have a little hope.

Jack David Zipes is a retired Professor at the university of Minnesota. He received his BA at Colombia University. Further more at University of Munich, University of Tubingen and again Colombia University to receive his PHD. He was published and he lectured on the specific subject of fairy tales and its social functions. He was also awarded more than six awards for his work. Breaking the Disney spell is one of his many works. In this writing he claims that Disney worked for his own benefit not for the society really. He argues that Disney took original stories and used them to tell stories that would sell rather than benefit others.

Zipes states that he is very...

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