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Track Essay

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Keep It on the Track
Everyone speeds every now and then or drives a way that does not obey the rules of the road. I have a pretty good experience of not obeying the traffic laws, such as flipping my mother’s car or even speeding up to 130 mph, and sometimes drag racing on open road. After a bunch of tickets and raising my insurance rates I came to see that I should keep the reckless driving on the track.
I always seemed to not learn from the first mistake when it came to driving, after my first car accident you would think I’d learn to obey driving laws. I had just got off work at 5pm and my co worker was outside smoking a cigarette and yelled out “go ahead and show me that you can really burnout”, as I got in my car, and of course I wouldn’t say no. I put my car in gear and took off and burned rubber in the empty parking lot, as I’m sliding out the parking lot I hear a loud pop, it’s my front passenger tire that popped and the next thing I knew I had no control of the car and ahead of me is a curb that leads into a shopping center but is about 10 feet down. At this point my car is in the air and the car lands nose first flipping the car upside down. I crawl out the car and realize I just totaled my mother’s car.
Driving fast in the car I built is my favorite thing to do and it had got me in plenty of trouble but I felt as the rush was worth it. It was a few summers ago and I had just got my turbo put in, I was on the highway on my way to the local car meet and I decide to take off, I get my car up to 100 mph then slow down, but then I want to time it this time so I get my phone out to use my timer and take off again but this time I reach up to 128 mph and I stretch it all the way to the capital blvd exit. Right as I thought to slow down and switch lanes to take my exit I see the infamous blue lights flashing behind me and hear the siren over my car loud car and think to myself, I am screwed.
When the officer comes to my window, he gives me this stare that said, “Are you crazy”. Then after that stare he tells me to step out the car, and begins to ask me why I was driving at such a high speed. I’m thinking in my head what’s a good excuse to drive that fast and could not think of any so I reply back “new turbo”. The officer then tells me that I should keep it on the track and not on the road and he could arrest me right then, and I am shook by that until he says he won’t do that but writes me a crazy ticket for reckless driving and speeding 60 over the limit and schedules’ me a court date. Despite my outrageous...

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