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Journeying the world in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries, I, Liliana Aline Palmeiro, was sent out on a mission by King Kramer of Portugal as a Portuguese trade official to go to the Ottoman Empire, India, China, and Japan to investigate on their government systems, culture, and religions to determine if one of them are a good place to conquer or create a trade alliance with. While on the missions, I could not reveal my identity that I am a Portuguese trade official and thus, pretended to impersonate Sister Veronica Maria.
Upon my arrival to the Indian Ocean, my eyes could not believe what they were seeing. Trade routes were established all around the Indian Ocean like some type of treasure map leading to a treasure except the trade routes did not lead to one single treasure, but instead, from one treasure to another. Trade that was established in East Africa, West India, and the Middle East was controlled by the Arabs. As we entered into the Indian Ocean, I saw that Kilwa, an island off the east coast of Africa, was one of the ports in the Indian Ocean trade route where the merchants imported and exported trade of luxury goods between China and India. Imported trade products ranged from jewels, china, textile, and glassware, while goods that came in from the Zambezi River were coconuts, ivory, gold, and copper ( Among other Arab trade ports, Aden was an ancient yet prominent port where trade between Africa, Asia, and Europe went on continuously due to its seaport location by the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. Calicut, where I along with Vasco de Gama landed after we found a naval route that traveled around the south of Africa to bring us to the Indian Ocean. Reaching the land of Calicut, the city was embedded by cloth and spice trade. I noticed Calicut had been the principal trade center of various spices, along with Ceylon which traded loads of cinnamon ( India dominated most of the trade going through Southeast Asia. The Indian trade port of Calcutta which is positioned in the Ganges River Delta was known for its several port towns, cotton and rice products, and trade that happened in many ways and directions. Calcutta traded with Southeast Asia, the east of China, the north of the Himalayas, Africa, and the west of the Middle East. Being in the area of the Ganges River Delta, I traveled east to Chittagong where much trade between India and Indochina occurred, although they were also a part of the Southern Silk Road which extended from Yunna to China to Southeast Asia ( Due to the Southern Silk Road, many goods which included but were not limited to tea, silk, metals, and cowries reached the port of Chittagong. China was in control of the trade that came into and out of the South China Sea. Throughout my travel I came across Arabian and Indian ports, yet for my final destination I found myself settled in Malacca which is one...

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