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Feel the Winds Blow
The Kona Hawaii coastline has some unique geological and geographical characteristics. The coastline lies along a latitude of 19° 38' 54" (19.648333°) north, and a longitude of 155° 59' 53" (155.998056°) west. In the Hawaii coastline, there are characteristic trade winds that blow from North East to the western region. During winter, these winds are prevalent in Hawaii than in other regions. The waters of the ocean are warm and at the best condition for surfing (Hawaii Scuba Diving, 2011). On average, the temperatures range from 23 to 26o C. In the summer, the temperatures are relatively high and it is at this time that the temperatures hit an average of 26o C.
The winds blowing along the coast are relatively moderate and this creates glassy water waves, which are conducive for surfing. The winds that reach the coastline originate from areas that are located far away from the beach. These winds generate powerful waves and storms that take place frequently. The coastline is also at risk of being hit by hurricanes, especially during the month of June and towards the end of November. The hurricanes occur after the winds blow across the pacific from the west coast of Mexico (Air Ventures Hawaii, 2005). When the hurricanes hit Hawaii, the winds usually blow at a speed of 74 miles an hour.
Due to the cool breeze and the reasonably high temperatures, Hawaii provides a good station for studying the sea’s climate. The region is considered the best area to measure the geographical and climatic conditions, especially when analyzing the possibilities of a tsunami. The temperature of the mainland Hawaii drops as one goes farther away from the ocean. This means that once the hot and moist winds blow from the sea, they cool down upon reaching the mainland causing conventional rainfall. At the Kona Coasts of Hawaii, the summer rainfall is relatively higher than that experienced during winter. This is because of the diurnal wind regime that causes the weather patterns to alternate and result into unexpected rainfall patterns.
Sea and Land Breeze
In Kona, there are well-developed sea and land...

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