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Trading Places Essay

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Trading Places The movie Trading Places takes place in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We first see Louis Winthorp III going to his work, to whom he works for the Duke Brothers, Randolf and Morter. While the Duke's were inside their car they are watching the stock exchange screen they have in their car. They call Louis for his advice on what they should and he tells them when to buy and of course he saved them 300,000 in stocks.Finally the Dukes get out of their lemo and run into Billy Ray Valentine before they enter a party and Billy tries to get some money off of the 2 brothers, of course being as cheep as they are they don't give him any. While inside the party they see Louis, he is counting the checks when he discovers a very high amount check to someone he does not know. He asks the Dukes about it, they said they will handle it.As we leave the party we see Billy outside in the parking lot pretending he can't see or walk when the police come. Then amazingly he can now walk and see all thanks to the police! As Billy is sneaking away from the cops he runs into Louis and Louis yells that Billy stole the briefcase with the payroll in it, when he didn't want to take it at all. So the cops chase Billy around and catch him and Winthorp says "I will press full charges on this man!!" Billy's incident with the briefcase gave the Dukes a big question mark in their head. So they made a bet that if they can make Billy Ray Valentine do the same exact job and as good as Louis Winthorp does. So they bet the usual amount on this and start to make Billy a rich man and Louis a bum on the streets.As the next scene opens we see Louis and Pineloppi Witherspoon are have a nice dinner at Louis house. All of the sudden a call arrives at Louis house and the butler picks up and the Dukes tell the butler about the experiment that is about to take place.When we next see Billy he is in jail talking about how he took out a lot of cops by his self and all his ladies waiting for him. Then just when Billy was about to be beat up the officer yells "Valentine you made bail" of course the Dukes bailed him out of jail for their experiment. As Billy was walking out of the jail the Dukes arrive and he gets in their car and accepts the offer the Duke's propose to him after he hears all the great benefits he gets. So they take him to his new house which was Winthorps home. There he takes a nice bath. Billy don't believe that this is all his so he starts to break stuff and they don't care since it is his.We next see a new man in this movie. The spy the Duke's hired. Clarence Beaks. He gets in front of the office where Winthorp works and asks everyone to chekc the person next to them in their pockets, and empty it out. Someone had stole some marked money said Beaks and they are going to find the perpetrator. So everyone checks each others pockets and they find Louis with the marked money after someone had slipped it into his pocket. They take Louis to jail. There at the jail they find Angel...

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