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Culture Diversity Essay

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QCD110Essay Part BName: Sing Wei LoonStudent ID: N9291458Tutor: Jessica AshmanWord: 531Culture diversity in the workplace is another significant component for an organisation's business, which can help facilitate equality and reduce unnecessary turnover costs from racial discrimination. Cultural differences in the workplace included different generations, education, personal background, national origin and ethnicity (Nareen, 2013). All of these differences can have immense beneficial impacts for a company's financial performance and provide a substantial profit. Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner (2004) state that equality and hierarchy in workplace are the dimensions, which can provide a better outcome for a company. Equality in the workplace include provide equal pay, forbid discrimination of other races and give equal welfare and treatment for each employee (Johnson, 2008). Furthermore, promoting equality in the business can help to make a good reputation and reduce discrimination for a company even the country. For instance, equality in United Kingdom is about ensuring every employees are treated equally and provide an equal opportunities notwithstanding of their religion, disability or other things that could be discriminated (Equality and diversity at work,2014). Therefore, company should make same development programmes or training for employees to improve the quality of the workplace environment. Furthermore, hierarchy in the workplace is also can be important element to advance company's financial performance. "A Hierarchy in the workplace among the staff based on function and creates a chain of responsibility and status, role and position (Patreese, 2006)." Hierarchy can help employee know about the position and responsibility, thus ensuring productivity. As a result the promote of equality and hierarchy can reduce the problem between...

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593 words - 2 pages Geert Hofstede gathered data from 53 different national cultures. The study revealed that the 53 countries differed along four cultural dimensions; power distance, Individualism - collectivism, masculinity - femininity, and uncertainty avoidance. (R. N. Sanyal, 2001) Power Distance reflects the degree to which a culture believes how institutional and organizational power should be distributed and how the decisions of the power holders should be

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455 words - 2 pages one should get used to the local customs when visiting it, this is a reflection of what we discuss here about the culture diversity.In general, one should see how he knows about the cultures and how he should react upon it. There are no fixed rules to be followed. What seems important is "when in Rome; do as the Romans do" philosophy applies to many situations when one feel uncertain about the host culture.

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644 words - 3 pages strategy, culture, and human resource practices enforced. These effects usually occur in group and team incidents under i.e., facilitating conditions and inhibiting conditions. Both have positive and negative effect on business performance. The upshot of diversity on organizational performance may be more encouraging if group leaders and associates build on team members’ ingenuity and information. When the human resource hire individual

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600 words - 3 pages . Regarding to Wentling and Palma, the diversity also can explain as the co-existence of employees from various socio-cultural backgrounds within the company (Wentling, R.M., and N. Palma-Rivas., 2000). the diversity elements can be categorized in three classes as social, value and informational diversity (Worman, 2005). Diversity also gives many type of organizational culture inside the organization such as an employees can pursuing themselves into career

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