Tradition Is An Important Part Of Everyone’S Life, However, Tradition

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Tradition is an important part of everyone’s life, however, tradition itself could alter the attitude of human behaviors and guide them to a wrong direction. In the short story “The Lottery,” the author, Shirley Jackson, presents the beliefs and the traditions of people from a small village. They follow the tradition although nobody even remembers how the custom came from. They just follow the same routine every year. Even thought some of the villagers intend to end the tradition, nobody dare to stand up and against something that have been done for quite a long time. The story implies, one way or another, that people should have the ability to identify right and wrong, and make their own decision to accept something they believe is true.The author is intended to give the readers a big surprise with her typical style of writing. The settings of the story in the beginning indicate something positive is about to come. However, the description of the ending is exactly the opposite of what we expected. The author begins with the establishment of the setting by giving the exact time and day the story takes place. She also describes that the school has just recently over for the summer, letting the readers acknowledge that the time of year is summer. All the descriptions are about the beauty of the day and the brilliance of the nature. This provides the positive outlooks and lets the readers relax into what seem to be a comfortable setting of the story.In addition, the descriptions of people and their actions are very typical: Children play happily, women gossip, and men talk about framing. Everyone is coming together for what seem to be enjoyable and even celebratory occasion. However, the pleasant descriptions of the setting end up in a brutally violent tradition such as the stoning of Mrs. Hutchinson, who is drafted as the lottery winner. The theme that we learn of at the end leads us to think where the sanity of some human being lies.The black box uses for the lottery is the central theme and the idea of the story. The people of the village do not even remember all the elements of this lottery. The original black box has been lost, but the new one is at least 80 years old, even older than Old Man Warner, the oldest man in town. It could be assumed that someone in the village had stolen the original one in order to abandon the lottery. At first, the black box symbolizes some type of mystery, but as we read through the end, we realize that it is some kind of evil judgment. Someone’s fate lies in that mysterious object. No one in the little town questions about the black box, but accept it as a complicated part of their lives. It appears that tradition has blinded those people in an irrational way, making them unable to think of a reason why this possibly should not be happening, even the manner in which the person is killed. This is simply because as an individual, one feel powerless and unable to stand up against behaviors that...

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