Traditional Bullying Vs. Cyber Bullying Essay

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Students have been dealing with bullying for decades. This behavior, also commonly known as traditional bullying refers to the physical, verbal, or social abuse of an individual. As technology has evolved, the actions of this behavior have also evolved into a larger issue. The world of social networks has created new ways to communicate with family and friends. On the contrary, some individuals have not necessarily used social networks for productive reasons. Some individuals have recently used technology to make threats against other individuals. With easy access to the internet, cyber bullying has become a larger issue among youth.
At the age of eleven, I entered the world of social networking by creating my own personal account in Myspace. Three years later in 2009, I created a Facebook account. I have used social networking sites to update my status, write a post, comment and post pictures. The dangers of social networking sites never crossed my mind, until I witnessed it and experienced it. While browsing through my Myspace account, a window popped up indicating that I had a new message. The message was from a girl whom I had mutual friends with. A few minutes into the conversation, this online person threatened me. In addition, she called me horrendous names. I was unsure on how to respond, I spent a few minutes contemplating. In the end, I decided it was best to only block her. This bully was able to frighten me with just a click.
Cyber bullying is referred to the willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phone, and other electronic devices (Hinduja 2010). Traditional bullying and cyber bullying are similar in terms of form and technique, however they also have several differences. Different from traditional bullying, cyber bullying allows the bully or offender to mask his or her identity behind an electronic device. Bullying can occur anywhere, but it has usually been associated with behaviors in school. Today, bullying is occurring through the Internet, cellphones and computers. The bullies are now able to send e-mails or text messages, post abusive statuses to online social networks or blogs, and can create websites to publicize insulting content about an individual (Hinduja 2010).
Cyber bullying can involve many different intimidation tactics, however many of those tactics are similar to those of traditional bullying. Like traditional bullying, the most usual form of cyber bullying is harassment. Los Angeles Times newspaper states a case in which a student was being harassed online, “Girl, 12, commits suicide after bullies said ‘kill yourself’” (Pearce). Pearce says the harassment had begun in 2012 over a boy, and the girls who were Rebecca's friends turned against her. Rebecca’s mom had deleted her daughter’s Facebook account, however Rebecca’s mom kept finding social apps on her daughter’s cellphone where bullying was still happening. At the end of the day, it wasn't a physical schoolyard fight...

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