Traditional Dating Vs. Online Dating Concorde Career College Essay

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Traditional Dating Vs. Online Dating
Massimo Delisi
Concorde Career College
One thing the human race thrives for is the need for intimacy. Intimate relationships matter to our sense of well-being (Whitbourne, 2012). Intimate Relationships can help us feel connected, boost our self-esteem and sustain our moods (Whitbourne, 2012). In order to engage in an intimate relationship, a person must search for another individual who fits their compatibility needs. Such a task is not easy and many people struggle with romantic relationships. The word “dating” often times can strike anxiety and anticipation. The world has been seeking ways to make dating a more exciting and less anxiety ridden experience. Traditional dating has been the preferred method of dating for centuries while Online dating is a new thing. According to a national survey by Pew Research Center, out of 2,001 adults, 15% of them now report that they have used online dating sites and/ or mobile dating apps (Smith, 2016). Even more interesting, 41% of Americans know someone who uses online dating services and 29% know someone who has met a spouse or long-term partner through online dating (Smith, 2016).
Traditional Dating Vs. Online Dating
The 21st century, as we all may know, has come with an up rise in technology and has helped us connect with people faster and more efficiently than ever before. The methods of finding love have certainly changed in today’s digital age. We have seen a great increase of people using online dating sites rather than traditional dating as a way to connect with people. Traditional dating has been around for centuries and is a way of meeting a person face-to- face in order to get to know each other. In online dating, a person uses online sources to find a partner to chat with and everything unfolds in front of a computer screen. While it is clear that the popularity of online dating is rising, it’s important to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of both dating methods, so a person can determine what suites them best.
Let’s discuss the advantages of traditional dating over online dating. First and most importantly, traditional dating has less misrepresentation and it’s more difficult for people to be deceiving. One popular dating site is eHarmony. According to eHarmony’s findings, more than half of online daters lie in their profiles (Mayor, 2017). Things such as age, weight and income can be exaggerated in the online dating world (Mayor, 2017). It is also not uncommon to see misleading profile pictures. Although there are good face to face liars out there, traditional dating allows you to see facial expressions and allows you to ask follow up questions in order to make a determination on whether a statement seems truthful or not (Mayor, 2017). Chemistry is another big factor in the dating world. With traditional dating you can determine if there is...

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