Traditional Media Advertisement V.S Digital Media Advertisement Eng220 University Of Phoenix Compare And Contrast Essay

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ENG 220
Traditional Media Advertisement V.S Digital Media Advertisement

Millennials want to make money, do it fast and be retired by the age of thirty. Personally, I am an aspiring entrepreneur with a currently tally of one failed business, three on hiatus, and one current project. I am no exception to the ruthless world of business and at twenty-eight years old to even be worth six figures by thirty is appearing like a very wishful dream. However, the experience I’ve obtained and knowledge gained I have little to no doubt that persistence and patience will pay off sometime this lifetime; fingers crossed. I’ve learned A key factor in getting product movement is through effective advertisement. To successfully bridge product to consumer, a successful business will produce advertisements through either traditional method advertisement or the new digital options available today. Throughout time traditionally a consumer was reached via print media, broadcasted media, direct mail or telemarketing; however digital marketing through social media or websites is now a very strong outlet for businesses to incorporate into their advertising plans. A business must find and prioritize ways that benefit them the most and create more profits. The cost of advertisement in relation to how many people reached is a defining factor in business. Accessibility by the consumer and how the business interprets how effective their advertisement is an underlying detail that must be observed. Without knowing these simple facts, how can a business be sure that their advertisements are even working. The purpose of an advertisement is to build and develop a relationship with the consumer. Once a consumer is interested and begins dealing with the product, the intended result of the advertisement is achieved.
The cost of advertisement to a business is a huge deciding factor in the initial decision of what advertisement route to take. To advertise to an audience of two thousand consumers through traditional means will cost the business anywhere between eight hundred dollars to a thousand just to start off. (2017, Everyone will receive direct mail, magazine advertisements, newspapers, or watch the advertisement on television. To take a traditional route in advertisement is to take time and effort in picking and negotiating with existing companies that have the audience readily available for you. Yes, maybe that gardening magazine will give you a full-page feature for your advertisement, but if you’re dealing in moisturizers and hair products, why would you invest your time and money into dealing with a gardening magazine? Any business can get around this huge mountain of required funds for advertisement traditionally by getting started digitally. Social media sites and applications all have some sort of feature to advertise products internationally that will reach thousands of people...

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