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Traditional Revolution By Ltte Female Fighters

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Charlotte Bronte writes in the famous novel Jane Eyre, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will”. As the writer shows the freedom wills is rooted into the woman and they fight for their independence based on their situation. But most of the Asian culture defending the rights and portraying the women into the frames of concerned, beautiful, caring, weak and under estimating them. Women are expected to play a conservative role in the community. Especially they considered as the ‘Honor’ of the family who is responsible for preserving the prestige of the family. While it is true that women are beautiful, care and concern, it does not necessarily compulsion to determine this feature only define the woman. To deteriorate the subordination of women to men, a gang of women stood up against the violence where the whole world was stunned and surprised. It was a Sri Lankan Tamil nation diaspora named Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) with female fighters who wanted to overcome social and cultural norms. They proved the nation as well as the whole world, that they, as women, are no longer inferiors to men. The involvement of LTTE Tamil female fighters in the battle of secession challenged the patriarchal social structure of Sri Lanka.
The LTTE women fighters changed the conservative appearance of the Sri Lankan women to reflect the gender equality within the society. Generally a Sri Lankan Tamil woman is expected to be into the house, noiseless, conservative and must admit her whole life to the family. Especially through being conservative means to wear her traditional dress (Saree), having Bindi, a decoration worn by women and jewelries to reflect her cultural identity. In contrast, the LTTE women fighters are not capable of following the society’s expectation as traditional Tamil women. They wear jeans and shirt or T- shirts as men and carry cyanide capsule as their jewelry with heavy weapons in their arms instead of kitchen utensils where first challenge took place. Social traditionalist, of course, may want to dispute my claim that these changes of appearance led to the revenge. But “It is symbolic of breaking free from oppressive social customs against women in Tamil society” (The Hindu, 2002). This quote is simply represents that above appearance change was the first step to the social transformation by proving that there is no difference in dressing between males and females. Thus a huge call for action started not only against the politics but also against the social structure of Sri Lanka. The LTTE women fighters were participated and dedicated themselves in the war.
The LTTE female combaters proved that the women are not biologically weaker than males. The LTTE women fighters trickled down the broad view that the women are soft and weak. Kelly Oliver, writer of book “women as weapon of war” says, “in the past, American women served behind the front lines as nurses in Korea and Vietnam…”...

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