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Traditions And Values Of Western Culture

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Traditions and Values of Western Culture
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History is a part of everyone's lives. We exist today because of our history. People who lived before our time fought for the rights that many individuals take for granted. Especially for an individual to appreciate life, one must be fully aware of the past, so one could truly appreciate their existence today and the freedom they have. So when the question arises on whether or not "Colleges and universities serve to pass on to students the great traditions and values of Western culture?" Without any doubt the answer should be absolutely yes. If someone answered no, the person should be considered ignorant and maybe they would think twice if all rights were stripped away from him. These institutions should pass on the tradition of education and the curriculum needed to achieve to be an overall well rounded person. The way an institution chooses to pass a long a culture does not matter, such traditions need to be passed to the next generation. There are three men of great literature, Mike Rose, John Henry Newman, and Jeffery Hart, who have recognized the importance of passing on the Western culture and they offer some interesting incites to their readers.

In Mike Rose's essay he introduces the lives of people from a variety of cultures. He describes the hardships one may encounter as he goes through life. Rose begins by describing his own difficulties of accepting education in his life and how he would rather read comic books. He adds that it was not until high school when he met a teacher who inspired him to learn and write a great deal more than he was accustomed. After his final year in high school, Rose adds that "the books that seemed so distant, those Great Books, would work their way into my curiosity, would influence the way I framed problems and the way I wrote"(107). He continues to summarize the life of others, and how they immigrated to our society and how they simulated to our culture. The one experience all these individuals shared was their inspiration to better themselves and to receive some type of an education. His main objective when he introduced a variety of people's life stories was to propose the idea of literacy and culture. "Education is one culture embracing another"(107).

We have an extremely diverse culture in our country. People enter our country with their own heritage which can not be taken away but they must be willing to learn the culture of the new country where they live. Rose says that "This painful but generative mix of language and story can result in clash and dislocation in our communities, but it also gives rise to new speech, new stories, and once we appreciate the richness of it, new invitations to literacy"(107). The literature of the past helps to explain our history. These works expand on the ideas of great thinkers that came before us. The literature allows us to have insights on the experiences and lives of the people who lived...

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