Traditions For Thanksgiving And Hanukkah Essay

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Alice has been a long time Jewish friend of mine that lives in New York she will be turning 19 this year she always travels down to celebrate Hanukkah with her family. She is studying business and is hoping to get her master after she gets her bachelor’s degree. She is currently enrolled in New York University, which she likes and enjoys her experience. She is a hard worker and doesn’t make it to many celebrations, but has never missed a Hanukkah with her family. Her father is Jewish while her mother is Christian giving a unique view on the tradition. She is an only child so is kind of spoiled on this holidays. I get most of my views of the Jewish life from her. While her mother is Christian ...view middle of the document...

Food is usually served around two to four pm quite early so for ho food preparation must start early. On Hanukkah, however the food is quite different foods like latkes, which is kind of like potato pancakes with onions and fried in peanut oil, beef brisket, Sufganiyot which is Israel jelly donuts, apple spice cakes, meat balls, and Rugelach which is a buttery homemade crescent roll filled with walnuts cranberries and apricots just to name a few. The food is not served all at once like on thanksgiving for Hanukkah the dishes are spread out over eight days and most of these foods are fried. There are also claims that in some household dairy products like cheese just plain cheese cheesecake any type and blintzes which is a crêpe like pancakes stuffed with cheese. These dairy desserts are eaten to praise Judith for her bravery for saving a village from the Babylonians.
Hanukkah is eight days of celebration celebrates the miracle of the oil used to cleanse the reclaimed church of Modi’in from the siege of the Syrian-Greeks the oil lasted longer than it was assumed the oil was expected only to last one day but it continued to last for the eight days until new oil could be found. Many say that those eight days of Hanukkah are filled with excitement cherished moments and presents so they wait for the holiday to see what they will receive. In their culture they say that this holiday is one of the most important because of the fact that if the church wasn’t reclaimed then Jesus wouldn’t be able to live a Jewish lifestyle. While Hanukkah has a big impact on Christianity thanksgiving also has a large impact on life for Americans. Thanksgiving is a holiday lasting only one day or maybe two if you count black Friday as part of this holiday. This holiday celebrates the generosity of the Indians that showed the pilgrims’ how to work the land to survive and gives thanks for what they have done. Thanksgiving is a holiday for most means a gathering of family and relatives to give thanks for the year and the success of their venture.
During Hanukkah there is a lighting of the menorah which holds nine candles, one for each of the eight days and another for lighting the rest. During the candle lighting a prayer is said while the all the candles are being lite...

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