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Fate can be very complicated in life. Fate is determined by not only God, but the decisions people make. Fate can be either good or bad, as it is the end result of prior events. Often in literature we see fate as being grouped with death. Sophocles once said that “the greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves”. When people guide themselves or others to their downfall it is one of the most powerful control of fates. This can be proven in the literature works of Antigone by Sophocles and A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Where the characters are tragic heroes and what makes them tragic heroes is that they accept defeat for their beliefs.
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At first his personality is shown to be caring and but as the play goes on he becomes increasing stubborn, eventually showing hubris, something that cannot be moral, therefore he is more of the anti-hero.
Antigone is shown to be a tragic hero because when she is arrested for going against his laws, Creon puts her in prison along with her sister Iseme. While Iseme did not help bury because she would not oppose the king's laws, she was however opposed to the idea of Polyneices's of not getting a proper burial.. Antigone claims that “I may be a criminal, but a religious one” (85) which shows how she feels about civil laws and religious laws. She also shows to feel excessive pride on responding to her imprisonment claiming to Creon "Of course I knew. Was it not publicly proclaimed?" (179). This shows that she feels pride in not only going against Creon but for exposing what she did as she feels she has nothing to be ashamed of and that what she did was done of honor. Despite being her niece Creon treated her like she was just another member of society. Creon responses saying "O, she's the man, not I, if she can walk away unscathed! I swear I hardly care if she be my sister's child, or linked to me by blood more closely than any member of my hearth and home (181). This means that he doesn't care that Antigone is family, she broke his law, and feels she needs to suffer the consequences
Creon's son, Haemon talks to him and tries to get his father to spare Antigone, as he is set to marry her. However this does not go well and sets off an argument between the two and Haemon leaves vowing never to see Creon again. It is from this point that Creon is revealed to be the anti-hero, this is because the anti-hero is someone who realizes his mistakes too late. As Creon realizes that what he is doing is wrong, that no matter what laws he makes they are inferior to God's Laws. Unfortunately he realizes it too late, and Antigone and Haemon killed himself as well.
While in Tennessee Williams’s play A Streetcar Named Desire is about a woman who lived a miserable life. This is despite the controversial opinions within the time period, as this was a time when woman were considered inferior to men. Blanche is a woman who just got out of a bad marriage after the loss of her beloved husband, Allan Grey. She caught him in a homosexual act and he committed suicide. However it is possible that Blanche is guilty for Allan's death even thought it was not intentional because she did not save him killing himself. Blanche had a responsibility as a married woman to somehow rescue her husband from his own mistakes. But her lack of accepting this denying her a happy marriage.
After Allan’s death, she even admits, “After the death of Allan—intimacies with strangers was all I seemed able to fill my empty heart with . . . I think it was panic, just panic, that drove me from one to another, hunting for some protection”...

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