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Is Okonkwo a Tragic Hero?
By definition, a tragic hero is someone who has a fatal flaw, which inevitably leads to his/her own destruction, the person must be consistent with their beliefs, and have good intention at heart. The fate confronted by the tragic hero is often undeserved, so it arouses feelings of pity and fear. Okonkwo seems to fit this description, he wants to fight for the survival of his clan, but in doing so is destroying himself, by thinking only about the clan as an idea, not as a people that has it’s own needs and opinions.
Firstly, it can be observed that Okonkwo had a good character and noble character. He was a strongman. All the people of Umuofia respected and loved him because of his great achievements.He was a very strong wrestler. When he was 18, he beat amalinze (the cat) who had been undefeated for seven years.“As a young man of eighteen he had brought honor to his village by throwing Amalinze the Cat.” Since he won the wrestling match his fame grew up rapidly. This was just the start of his fame, later on he did great hard work and rose to a high level. Okonkwo was also very hospitable. He offered koala nut to the ones who visited his house. His hospitality was also evident when he sheltered Ikemefuna And treated him like a father and cherished him with great love. As the narrator said that,“Okonkwo himself became very fond of the boy.”
Okonkwo was also a great warrior. He was never afraid from fighting, unlike his father who shuddered at the sight of blood. He had taken part in the great wars fought by Umuofia and “had shown incredible prowess in to two inter tribal wars.”At a very young age he had brought five heads from the battlefield. His interest in the wars showed that “he was a man of action, a man of war.”
Okonkwo was also consistent because he never changed his opinions. When Okonkwo was told about the pronouncement of the Oracle of the Hills and the Caves, he made up his mind that he would sacrifice Ikemefuna. He remained consistent in his opinion despite of the fact that Okonkwo greatly loved Ikemefuna, he never showed regret for his actions.
Okonkwo also had a few bad qualities. He was hostile towards less successful men, that's Why he hated his father because he was lazy and unsuccessful.“He was impatient with less successful people.” He was also a proud man as the narrator said,“When he walked his heels hardly touché the ground and he see to walked on springs.” Okonkwo was also harsh towards his wives and children. He used to grumble about his wives which was considered as a good thing in his culture.“Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand.”
Despite of all these bad qualities, the quality which welcomed his failure was his fear of...

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