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There are many similarities between different texts in literature as well as film. Many movies you see are alike. However, every one of them has their own perspective on the content that is presented. Two movies may have an almost identical plot line, but they change the way you view it. For example, there are many movies made about the well known story, Cinderella. They all follow one plot line; a girl’s father dies, and has to live with her wicked stepmother and step sisters whom she does all the dirty work for, a “fairy godmother” helps her sneak out to go to a dance but has to be back by 12:00 so her stepmother does not find out. The girl goes to the dance, meets her true love who just ...view middle of the document...

It is what the stories are based off of. Pyramus and Thisbe plan to meet under the Mulberry tree. When Thisbe arrives, she sees a lioness with a bloody mouth from its recent kill, which results in her leaving. Pyramus was not aware of this line of events, therefore he assumes Thisbe is dead. In Romeo and Juliet, the Friar sent a letter with Friar John that was supposed to reach Romeo in Mantua. When Friar Lawrence asks Friar John, “Who bare my letter, then, to Romeo?” Friar John replies, “I could not send it- here it is again.” The letter explained Juliet’s fictitious death and the plan for Romeo to meet her when she awakes in the cell, so the two lovers could escape Verona together and live happily ever after. If Romeo and Pyramus would have received the information intended for them, the stories would have ended differently.

Suicidal deaths are presented in both Pyramus and Thisbe and Romeo and Juliet. All four characters end up killing themselves in grief. Romeo and Pyramus kill themselves thinking that their lovers, Juliet and Thisbe, have been killed. However, Juliet is still alive, although it appears she is dead because of the drugs Friar had...

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