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Train Journey A Reflective Short Story Asking If Money Is More Important Than Family

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Martin plied himself from the wooden station bench as the 08:04 train to Aberdeen pulled into the station. A mass of motion flooded towards platform 3 as the train's arrival was announced over the fuzzy speakers. People rushed passed Martin with suitcases trailing behind them, eager to get the best seats. Martin was in no hurry as he scanned past the carriages for one with the least amount of people to bother him. Martin was last to board as he clambered into a carriage with just two other people, an elderly woman and what looked like her son. He selected a seat furthest away from the others and out of site.He was on his way to Aberdeen to see his mother in hospital who had been diagnosed with cancer the week before. Martin had left it a week to see his mother as he was too busy with his own life. It was Martin's brother John who had forced Martin to visit his mother. A family death was a thought that had rarely crossed over Martin's selfish mind. Now with his mother in such a critical condition it was something that he would have to take seriously. With the thought of death playing heavily on his mind he began to think of what happens after you die.Being a very scientific and matter of fact person he had always presumed that when you die you are no more and never will be anything more. Suddenly this idea felt uncomfortable to Martin. He found it difficult to accept his normal scientific chain of thought.Perhaps it was down to the fact that his mother was in the situation she was in and that Martin was grabbing on to straws in trying to find something that would comfort himself. Although Martin had a rather heartless exterior he had a loving personality that was locked deep inside himself. He thought that if there was such a place as heaven then it would be a fine place for his mother and that it would mean that he wouldn't have to worry about what would happen.This is utter rubbish he thought to himself as he pushed his loving self back down into the depths of his...

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