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When I was in high school, there was a girl who got pregnant. It was our sophomore year, and we were only 15. I never though that this could happen to anyone so young. She started to show toward the end of the year and everyone knew her at the "pregnant girl". She never came back the next year and no one really knew what happened to her. That girl was me. I can relate to the songs Stay and Sweet Sixteen by Destiny's Child, because they show the struggles and pressures of life as a teenage girl. I look at these two songs and I can relate very much to my life. In today's society it is very common for teenager to been sexually involved. In the song Stay there is a young girl who is fighting with the choice of losing her virginity to her boyfriend. She is afraid that he will leave her once he gets what he wants from her. She is asking him if he will stay with her no matter what happens. When a girl is with a guy for as long as a year, it adds a lot of pressure on them to make the relationship more. It is very hard and wrong that someone so young has to deal with these pressures. In the song Sweet Sixteen There is a girl maybe a little bit older than the first, who runs away with a guy and gets pregnant. She fell in love with this guy and didn't want to listen to what anyone else had to say about her relationship. She never stops to think if this guy is going to leave her or not. Then she gets pregnant, she is scared and...

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530 words - 2 pages the solution in the visking tube into a test tube to test for glucose, glucose was quite visible. This shows that the amylase had actually broken down the starch but hadn't broken it down enough for it too pass through the visking tube.Evaluation: I think that this experiment wasn't well set up in the first place because we had to pour out the visking tube and then it was visible. It should have been visible without us having to pour it out. I think this could have been accomplished if we had given it more time. Maybe also we could have tested the amylase breaking down the starch in different temperatures to see any time differences.

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614 words - 2 pages no place where it says that Jesus gave up on god in the way the Koran says.      In Islam the Koran was given to Mohammed by Allah directly. In Christianity the bible was written by many other people and not given to Jesus by god.           Jesus is spoken of and is featured in the Koran and he is known as somewhat of a saint in the Koran, but in the bible Mohammed is never spoken of. Muhammad said that he was merely just a mortal man , but

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1110 words - 4 pages . This isn't easy to do! You may have to play with the paper in order to find the exact location for this fold.(3) With this folded, refold crease L1, now in its new position, and extend it all the way up. This new crease, L3, is the crease we want. Unfold step 2 and extend crease L3 to the lower left corner (it should hit it!). The crease L3 will mark the angle (2/3)A.The proof of Abe's trisection:By itself, proving that Abe's trisection method

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2262 words - 9 pages family. My mother went to the local schools in her small town and later on made it to college. She got her bachelors in Education and English and worked throughout college. My mother was never given any advantages or disadvantages due to racism growing up. I believe part of the reason my mother did not experience any racial issues is because Argentina uses the color gradient scale for races rather than Americans who use racial grouping. There are no

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1359 words - 5 pages allow anything or anyone to distract him from serving Him. Each test that Abraham endured is note worthy for the fact they brought him closer to understanding God’s will for his life. Each test was a stepping stone to understanding what it took for Abraham to acquire working faith. The sacrifice of Issac was the last test given by God to Abraham and from that point no other test is mention in the Bible. The covenants given up to this point

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2413 words - 10 pages it could return. The 2 types of immunity-active and passive immunity-are both different. Vaccines given for such diseases are only given so it won’t re-occur. Priority vaccinations such as for polio, tetanus, MMR are mostly given at birth. Booster doses for these are then given later on in life. Active immunity is different to passive immunity as active immunity is when the body makes its own anti-bodies while passive

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1060 words - 4 pages something that governments care far more for than for human life, and that is the security of property and so it is through property that we shall strike the enemy." Windows were smashed, telephone lines were cut and buildings were set on fire. The suffragette movement definitely contributed to women being given the vote. This is because their tireless protesting raised the profile of the issue of women's suffrage and

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