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Outline To Developing Cardio Respiratory Endurance, Speed And Reaction Time

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Long- term goal_ - To develop cardio respiratory endurance and to improve their speed, and their reaction time.

Session 1-Basketball chest pass relay:

Session 1 Goal: To improve your speed, and develop good skills using the proper cues of the chest pass.

Number of students- 12

Warm Up- Two lap around the gym and Static Stretching.

Equipment -: Basketball, and Cones

Activity-: After the students is finish with their warm up session. A cone will be place at the starting point and one on the ending point. Student will be paired up into teams. 4 students will be in each team. There are three teams racing each other. Each will be taking turns in pair. The first paired students will be starting at first cone they will be passing the ball their partner while moving down to the end cone. When they return back to the starting point they pass the ball to the paired students next in line. Whoever returns the fastest will receive a point for their team. At the end of this session the teams who have the most points wins the relay.

Cool Down: Walk two laps around the gym.

Session 2- Basketball dribbling relay:

Session 2 Short Term goal: To improve speed and endurance

Number of students: 12

Warm up- 3 laps around the gym and dynamic stretching.

Equipment: basketballs and cones

Activity: Split students into 3 different relay teams. 4 students per group. On the whistle students will start weaving through the cones, turn around at the end and weave back through the cones back to their line. They must bounce or chests pass to the next person in line before the next student goes. First team to finish first wins.

Cool down: 3 laps around the gym

Session 3 – Football
Short Term Goal – improving on explosive, speed, endurance, and strength.
Number of Students – 12
Warm Up – 3 laps around the football field and Jumping jacks
Equipment- football and jerseys
Activities – Begin by splitting the students into teams and give them jerseys. One team will be on offense and the team will be on defense. Offense will consist of one Quarterback, one running back and the rest of the will be wide receivers. The defense will consist of defensive back. Offensive have 4 tries to get a first down. If offensive don’t get a first down. They switch side and now they will be on defensive while defensive will be on offensive. To stop an offensive player from scoring you have to hug the player from him to stop running. At the end of the session whoever has the most point’s wins.
Cool Down – walk 2 laps around the field

Session 4 – Iron man challenge race
Short Term Goal – improving on speed, strength, and endurance
Number of Students – 12
Warm Up – Jumping jacks and push ups
Equipment: Cones and signs
Activities – Everyone will stand behind the starting line. Once I blow the whistle, the students will sprint to the following station in order 10 push-ups, 10 sit- ups, 10 jumping jack, 10, squat...

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