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A. Summary of Results
The school organization’s key workforce-focused results on retention have improved dramatically in some ways, but have also shown a decline. According to Ms. Woodford prior to the new mentoring program, adopted by the school district, 28% of new teachers for the county resigned after teaching only one year. After the first year that new teacher worked with mentors only 14% resigned and last year only 5% of the new teachers left the district (personal communication, January 17, 2014). This is due to the fact that new teachers work closely with a veteran teacher and receive tips on lesson planning and classroom management. Unfortunately the retention for teachers with over two years’ experience continues to decline over the last three years. Over the last three years, about 20% of the teacher workforce has resigned from the district which is about a 10% increase from previous years.
The school organization’s key workforce-focused results on skills have gradually increased, but still needs to improve. Based on the evaluation results from last year, only about 20% of the staff was rated as highly effective. All other teachers were rated as effective, in need of improvement, or unsatisfactory. According to Ms. Woodford, a survey that all teachers were asked to fill out showed that less than 50% of the teachers responded that the evaluation results directly affect their professional development choices. This number is rather low considering that all teachers receive specific feedback four-eight times a year based on their instruction and classroom management skills (personal communication, January 17, 2014).
A1. Included Elements
The specified elements that were included in the summary above were: retention of teachers and skills.
B1. Plan to Improve Outcomes
The school district has done an efficient job with retaining new teachers by providing support through a mentoring program. The district needs to now continue that mentoring program to the veteran teachers in order to retain this group. According to Ms. Woodford, those teachers that are falling in the effective or in need of improvement category on their final evaluation are the teachers that are leaving the district (personal communication, January 17, 2014). It would be effective if the district can implement the mentoring program to work with these teachers that are struggling in the classroom. The mentoring plan would be developed, but should include at least weekly meetings that the struggling teachers meet with a mentor teacher to help with planning and classroom management.
The teachers and school district need to improve the alignment between the evaluations of the teachers and the professional development that they choose to participate. One way to do this is to require teachers to include a professional development goal based on the evaluation results when completing their Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP). Currently...

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