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Training Analysis Banal 306 Odu Research Paper

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2017 Training Analysis
As work environments constantly transpire and evolve so do the requirements of employees within these environments. Employees in today's workforce are often required to be cost-effective, trained in complex tasks, and able to do so in a safe and disciplined manner.  The same expectations are held here at or shoe company ABC Inc.  We have recognized a need for an informational analysis when referring to the productivity of employees. We have taken the time to run a few computations to help efficiency and productivity amongst men and women in our company who have received either our past Video Based Training (VBT) process or our recently adopted Computer based training (CBT).
As for training analysis we started broad by first analyzing the mean production value difference between employees who received VBT and employees that received CBT.  Then we narrowed our analyzations to test the difference between the mean production values of women and men who took video based training and also that of women and men who received CBT.  Lastly we segregated the females and the males by comparing the mean values of productivity between females that receive VBT and Females that received CBT and that also of males who receive VBT against that of males who have received CBT.  The following computations have been verified calculated and recalculated to ensure accurate information that will improve productivity by training the correct employees with the proper training process.  Which in return will create maximum cost effectiveness and profitability. most cost efficient and profitable method.     

Data & Analysis
To evaluate whether the computer based training program could increase productivity within the company we needed to compare a sample set with that of the existing video formatted training program. In the data file we received the average output of 47 employees who had received the Video training and the average output of 51 employees who had received the new computer based training program.  After learning of the difference of productivity based on gender we decided to break both sample sets down further by gender. For the video based training we found the data set included mean output from 27 females and 20 males; while, the computer based training included the average output of 33 females and 18 males.
An initial two-sample t-test was performed without gender separation on the two total data sets to determine if the employees who went through computer based training mean output would be greater than that of the video training based employees. What we concluded from this two sample t-test is that there is enough evidence to state the mean of the computer based employees would greater the mean of the video based employees.
In consideration of production manager’s evaluation of work performance based on gender,  four additional tests were ran to determine if employee gender played a role in our observation of the computer...

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