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This paper seeks to identify the various emerging trends and current issues surrounding areas of training and development in an organization. The paper has evaluated emerging trends under the topic organizational development in training and strategy, with the focus in Japan. The person who reads this paper will be taken through a comprehensive step by step process to determine the most significant trend. The paper will also mention the impacts this trends have in the future organization, this will then open the platform for my literature review. In the review the paper has listed and described four key resources I selected and how they contributed to my understanding of the topic and overall research. Most of the paper will be the findings that will be compared with those on past and current theories and practices in which such training and development have been utilized or offered.
Literature review
Some of my sources include online articles such as the This article is very insightful giving in details how emerging trends have made Japan the preferred destination when it comes to organizational training and development. Some of the trends identified in this article include the developments in the information and technology (I.T) sector. The second source is the book Organization Development by Bennis, Warren (1969). Bennis gives various trends the organization experiences and their impact in organization development. Also another significant source is Branden, Nathaniel (1997) “The Organization of the Future”. This is apparently the best source of information when looking up for the future trends in the training and the development of organizations. Cummings, T.G. & Worley ,C.G. (1993) on their book Organization Development and Change makes it clear that for the organization to enjoy developments then it had to emblaze change. Cummings, T.G and Worley raises the concept about change, for the trends to occur the organization must undergo through changes. Cummings is able to sew together the organization with the emerging trends to bring the concept of change making him the main source (Kelley, 2002).
Some of the major trends in surrounding areas of organizational development in training and strategy in Japan are mostly brought about by challenges. These challenges then lead to problem solving which results to change thus new trends are formed. It is thus of great importance to discuss the macro issues responsible for bringing about these trends. These may include changes in technology. Japan is among the leading countries when it comes to science and technology; this puts Japan in a situation where it is ever changing in terms of infrastructure and developments. Technology brings about new ideas into reality, this leads to the organizations having to draft new ways to adopt.
When organizations are training their employees, the emerging trends...

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