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Teaching And Modifying Behaviors Through Applied Behavioral Analysis

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PART I - Educational and Career Plan of a Future BCBA
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has become a successful therapy to teach and modify behaviors of individuals living within the Autism Spectrum (Schreck & Mazur, 2008). Individuals acquiring a specialization within the field of applied behavior analysis are greatly the needed within the autism community (Schreck & Mazur, 2008). Individuals are interested in applied behavior analysis, as well as how one would pursue his or her education and career path.
Goals Geared Toward Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied behavior analysts implement data review and evaluate how the environment affects functional behavior and learning (A Closer Look at Certification Changes for Behavior Analysts, 2014). The need for ABA professionals has increased as the number of new autism spectrum diagnoses has also increased, thus instigating experienced mothers of autistic children to join the profession of applied behavior analysis (Barbera, 2009). The personal experience of a mother that has worked with her child or children diagnosed with autism, in addition to the extensive education and training of an ABA professional could attribute to successful interventions for autistic children (Barbera, 2009). An experienced autism mother skilled with the tools of applied behavior analysis can offer beneficial approaches to help autistic children as well as their parents and other professional staff find effective behavioral methods and skills training within educational and home settings. Pursuing the appropriate educational and practicum training approved by The Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) is required.
Educational Requirements
The Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) is approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) (Barbera, 2009). An individual working to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst needs a Master’s degree in psychology, education, or a related field, participating in a practicum, and passing the test maintained by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB, 2014).
The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc. (BACB) has approved a course sequence of approximately 270-hour coursework requirement and completing 225 classroom or practicum hours prior to taking the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) examination (Capella, 2014). The applicant must complete 225 classroom hours of graduate programs. The following content areas: Ethics (15 hours), Definitions and Principles (45 hours), Behavioral assessment and Selecting intervention (35 hours), Experimental evaluation/interventions (20 hours), Measuring behavior and interpreting behavioral data (20 hours), Behavioral change procedures (45 hours), and Behavior-analytic content (45 hours) (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2014). The courses are a beneficial prerequisite to prepare for the formal testing necessary to become a BCBA.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst
A board certified behavior...

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