Training And Retaining Make People Safety Conscious. Suggest Guidelines To Organize This Type Of Training?

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IntroductionTo meet company needs e.g. safety, quality, productivity cost effectiveness employees must have certain knowledge, attitudes and skills. Their development cannot be left to chance or to trial-and-error. They require systematic training. Many studies show that training is one of the most important factors in successful safety programs. Managers should provide for training of newly hired workers, stressing safety, work methods and job hazards to prevent accidents.TextNeed for Safety Training programs·Safety Training helps the workers to be more efficient in their work and prevents and or minimizes accidents.·A properly trained worker knows the job hazards and what to do about it.·Employee morale and team work will improve and this will lead to job satisfaction·Supervisor or leaders work is made easier. Less time will be spent on correcting mistakes and less supervision of the job performance will be required·Healthy Interpersonal relationship is formed when the trainer and the participants are in close contact and lot of views and suggestions interchanged with each other.·Training helps managers to built healthy communication between the workers and the management and the workers feel a sense belonging towards the company.Following are the 6 steps for a successful training1.Pinpoint the training needs - It is very essential to know the safety training needs to make it successful. Following are the important steps:·Problem Analysis - " Solutions to the problem are more effective when they treat the basic or root cause". Since not all performance problems indicate a training need, it is important to separate training needs from other.·Work Analysis - It involves a complete review of each job in terms of required knowledge and skills·Job observation - It helps to direct the training resources to the critical jobs first·Test- these are very important to analyze the training needs of an individual. It can be done in the form of oral / written tests. It helps the trainer to be aware of the extent of the knowledge of the participants·Surveys - These are typically structured interviews or written questionnaire. These help in identifying training needs in critical areas such as safety etc2.Set the training objectives - This is one of the most critical steps, as we need to be clear of the outcome, which we need from the training. If the goals are clearly set, then it is easy to move towards them. The most important thing to...

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