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The movie Training Day has a lot of deviant behavior in it. In this movie it is difficult to determine who is and what is deviant. Deviant behavior is acceptable in certain situations. Even though, Alonzo and Jake are police officers they participated in deviant behavior. Jake and Alonzo partook in doing coke in the car while, parked in the middle of a busy intersection. They were also drinking while on the job. In any other profession or situation the police would have been called and they would have been arrested.
However, since they are police officers they control who will and who will not be arrested. For example, the three teenagers that bought coke were scared but not arrested. ...view middle of the document...

This could be perceived as a typical encounter for them. It is also obvious that Jake did not consider this to be a normal action nor was taking a cut of the evidence money. This is a form of Symbolic Interaction. Alonzo and his partners which can also be called the audience did not see a problem with taking some of the money.
This resulted in what George B. Vold would call Conflict within Groups. This is where one or few person does not agree with the majority group’s decision. Social Control is also used by Alonzo and his partners by encouraging Jake to accept their norms and values. This is mainly done by them making Jake the hero and Alonzo’s partner telling him about the new position he has been offered. Alonzo even promises Jake that if he gives him eighteen months he will be promoted to a higher paying position.
According, to Albert Hooton’s book “The American Criminal” Alonzo fits some of the characteristics of a criminal. Alonzo works in a labor job, not married also; he has a large body that correlates to his violent actions. This relates to William Sheldon’s Body Type theory. According, to this theory people who are athletic will be in the Mesomorph category. Those in this category are masculine, aggressive, and physical which fits Alonzo. By being athletic Alonzo has more opportunities to participate in criminal acts than a thin our overweight person. Alonzo’s partners and the men from the Spanish speaking origin will also fit this category. Jake fits in the Ectomorph section. He is thin, tall and thinks about his actions and the things that go on around him more than Alonzo.
In the film it is not...

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