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Question: Distinguish between and discuss formative and summative evaluation.
There are two ways of carrying out evaluations. It can be formative or summative depending on the demands of the process. Summative evaluation mainly provides a product’s efficacy information. This evaluation method is typically quantitative; it uses numeric scores and letter grades. Summative evaluation typically aims at assessing the achievements. On the other hand, formative evaluation is a bit complex than the summative evaluation. It is carried with an aim of test run. Formative evaluation is mainly appropriate during the development phase or the improvement phase. Due to need for improvement, formative evaluation has to be carried out frequently not once (Jan Proposal, 2010).
Formative evaluation assists in the validation of the goals of an organization or program. This enables an organization to determine whether it is achieving or loosing hence realizes improvement needs. On the other hand, summative evaluation assists in the assessment of achievements and the improvements that need to be made on failed areas (Jan Proposal, 2010).
Due to the sensitivity of health issues, clients need to be educated for better understanding. The teachings have to be conducted in an orderly manner hence conducted professionally. This led to the development of health teaching principles. These principles mainly offer a guideline on how to educate clients of various diversities. The health professionals therefore have to develop a lesson plan for this purpose (Dr. Mike Peko, 2003).

Question: Develop a client-specific lesson plan addressing a specific need and including goals and objectives, resources, implementation strategies and evaluation/assessment.
The study topic is the importance of exercising. For healthy living the body needs exercises. Exercises help the body fight diseases. The goals of this topic are to promote exercising as one method of reducing infections and fighting laziness at old age. The objectives of the study are to reduce drug and substance abuse, regulate weight and the diseases such as heart problems, and creation of a strong society and physically fit citizens. This will be achieved through sparing of some time for exercising either at home or gymnasiums, and aerobics among others. The effectiveness of the program can be evaluated by assessing the increase or decrease in the fitness related problems from the health department. The rate of drug abuse and its effects can also help in determining the effectiveness of the program (Dr. Mike Peko, 2003).
Question: Identify health education principles and develop/adapt a design for effective education plan for adolescents, adult learners, developmental disabilities, elderly clients, and socially and ethnically diverse groups.
The health education has several principles that guide it so as to ensure quality. This mainly depends with the diverse group being educated. There are some educational plans...

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