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Training, Education & Qualifications Of A Pharmacist

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The job of a pharmacist has changed greatly over time. Instead of mixing and bottling pills all day, a pharmacist now works with patients daily to help them get healthier while giving them medicine that they may need. Training after college is needed, similar to most jobs in healthcare such as dentistry and nursing.The schooling needed for pharmacy is rigorous but rewarding, as the six to eight year process challenges students, but builds their knowledge of science, math, and patient care so that they can succeed in the field. Some of the top schools in the country are located in the Pennsylvania area, such as the Universities of Pittsburgh and Duquesne, while some are located on the west coast of the United States. Before even going to college, though, hard work and affinity in high school science and math classes is very important.. Many consumers do not really understand what a pharmacist truly does nowadays, though.
To begin, an average day for a pharmacist is very high paced. Efficiency and synergy in the workplace is crucial for a pharmacist, whose main jobs are to supervise pharmacy technicians (techs) and provide information to patients about the medicine they will receive. Pharmacists also check medical histories, which explain allergies and conflicts with other drugs in patients (“Pharmacist”). If a patient takes a drug that they are allergic to, then the consequences can range from prolonged sickness to death. Pharmacists must make sure that no drugs will be harmful to patients. The pharmacists also tell patients how and when to use the medicine, and forewarn them of any potential side effects. If a patient is having trouble with medicine, they can talk to pharmacists. The pharmacist can tell them anything they need to know about the medicines, whether in retail or hospital work. On that note, there are multiple different types of pharmacists. Retail pharmacists are working in local pharmacies and chain stores, Rite-Aid and CVS for example. Hospital pharmacists are, as the name suggests, working in a hospital pharmacy. These pharmacists are more involved with patients than retail pharmacists are, as they talk to patients coming directly out of the ER and ICU at times. Both of these types of pharmacists work with techs, who are the main pill bottlers and counters. Pharmacists check to make sure that the techs dispersed the correct type of pills. If a drug is a control drug, then they must take the pills out of the bottle and count them as these drugs (oxycodone and vicodin, to name two) are much more addictive and strong. Patients must take the exact number of pills if they take medicine like this, or they risk developing a dependency. If the pill count is initially wrong, then the pharmacist must take the fall. Some pharmacists own their own pharmacies. These pharmacists usually have a business degree and a Pharm.D. degree. Finally, some pharmacists work with drug companies to manufacture drugs. Pfizer and Lilly are two major drug...

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