Training Employees In Hsbc Bank In Malaysia: Learning Intervention

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This report will examine a training program undertaken by a bank called HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. The report will focus on the training provided to new employees for the new branches. Further, the report will critically evaluate the training cycle of learning intervention at [HSBC]. Additionally, it will provide several recommendations to improve the intervention. This is my personal experience as a personal banker of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad training program was designed to operate for 2 months. The first month involved 8 hours classroom sessions involved 30 employees about activities at branches, products knowledge, sales, systems training, compliance, ...view middle of the document...

1. Need Analysis for the Intervention
The Training Cycle describes the main stages of needs analysis includes design, delivery of training and evaluation. A needs analysis is one of the important stages to provide a systematic approach in developing learning and development needs in an organisation, as well as the extent to the training's aim of achieving [HSBC]'s current objectives (Birdi & Reid, 2013). Needs analysis helps to identify what behavioral changing employees needed to help meet that objective and what knowledge, skills or attitude (KSA's) employees should have to help change in their behavior required at individual, team or organisational level (Birdi & Reid, 2013, CIPD, 2014). Indirectly, this will help organisation accomplished the objectives and improvement that the organisation aimed.
“The implementation of a formal learning needs analysis (LNA) may be seen as a health screening on the skills, talent and capabilities of the organization or certain department. It is based on the systematic gathering of information about existing employees’ capabilities and organisational demands for skills, alongside an analysis of the implications of new and changed roles towards business strategy and to sustain business performance ” (CIPD, 2014).
Organisational analysis, task analysis and person analysis typically conducted in an organisation (Goldstein & Ford, 2002).

1.1 Organisational Analysis
The purpose of organisational analysis in HSBC new employees learning interventions was to help determine those organisational factors that facilitated the training effectiveness. An organisational analysis in HSBC was able to identify the organisation’s goals and objectives in the instance, whether the organisation’s ability to conduct training (i.e. cost, resources, time), and the extent to which employees are willing and able to be trained (i.e. ability, commitment, motivation, readiness) may help to achieve the organisation objectives and goals, (McCabe, 2001). Organisational analysis in HSBC identified that everything new that is proposed in the foreseeable future will generally have a learning implications and able to generate future growth for an organisation, that is why new employees is under a main list of considerations for learning and development intervention. Under this circumstance, new employees have the highest potential for making mistakes and could give impact on the organisational stakeholders and for business growth (Wilson, 2012).
It has been claimed that the banks increasingly need better qualified, skilled employees to sell more products and services to an increasingly...

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