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For my assignment I have decided to choose a group which I have just finished taking for level 1 Hairdressing and they have progressed on to level 2 Hairdressing. This is within my current role as a hairdressing lecturer at Hugh Baird College which I have done since October. Within this group there are a couple of people who have support workers. There is one student within the group who has severe learning difficulties and is a more mature student. She also has many health problems which results in her having to carry an oxygen tank around for when she has any problems with her breathing due to her having problems with her heart. There is also another student in the class who has learning difficulties, she is very clever but just needs someone there for when she needs something explaining. She also has a support worker that comes in to give her support. This student has also been going through personal problems at home and has attendance issues. There is another student within this group who has severe dyslexia. She doesn’t have a support worker but the support people who are in there do give her help as she can have a tendency to give up, not to listen and just needs to be kept on track so by sitting next to a person that does have a support worker she gets the help from them. These three students have all had their level 1 qualification extended for a year were the rest of the group have progressed on to level 2 Hairdressing. Two of these students may progress on to level 2 but one doesn’t have the ability to be able to do this as the requirements are too high for her. The reason the course was extended for them was because they were struggling with the work that was required for this qualification, but as the college is one of the biggest inclusive learning environments we don’t set people up to fail. That is why the qualification was extended, so we can do all that we can to get these people through their qualification. Plus coming to college is a get away from their normal life at home in which some don’t have the support from their families and look to the group for this, it also gives them something to aim for. The group has been kept together so that these 3 people are with people that they know and I feel that this will help them to progress within the qualification as the group support them. As well as these people, there are a couple of students in the group who have dyslexia and the support workers are really good because although they are there for the other three people they still support the any others that need help.

Legislation and Policy
There is a lot of legislation around to protect people from being discriminated against. The biggest one is The Disability Discrimination Act. ‘The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 aims to end the discrimination that many disabled people face. This Act has been significantly extended, including by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005.’ (direct government). The act...

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