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The main objective of this unit of work is to implement a Group Investigation Model of teaching as described by Eggen & Kauchak (2006). This model of teaching is based on theory and research that indicates social interaction is a necessary part of classroom learning (Eggen & Kauchak, 2006). It is designed to allow the students and I to more fully understand what is expected of us in facilitating the use of this teaching method in the classroom. This example of a Group Interaction Model involves students working together to reach a common goal and aims to increase students' involvement in classroom activities. It has a strong focus on group and class discussions.According to Eggen and Kauchak, the Group Investigative Model has five phases, an introduction, group planning, implementing an investigation, analysing results and preparing reports and finally presentation of reports. The introduction phase involves organising students into groups and developing students' intrinsic interest in a topic. Students should feel that they have been able to select their topic. The group planning phase involves planning a course of action, delegating responsibilities among group members as well as how to gather data and report the results. Implementing the investigation, phase three, is the most active phase where students design data gathering techniques, gather the data and carry out an investigation. Phase four of the model involves students analysing and evaluating the data collected. This phase should also involve the construction of charts, diagrams or tables to assist students to comprehend the significance of the data collected. It may also include preparation of written reports or oral reports to facilitate the initiation of phase five, the presentation of reports. This final stage includes the dissemination of the information gathered and assisting students to present the information in an interesting and comprehensible way.The generative topic of the mini-unit is "Our Playground" (Appendix A) was chosen to implement this Group Investigative Model. Students will begin by working as a group to investigate their playground. They will list their likes and dislikes and discuss them in class. Once they have all had a chance to discuss their thoughts they will be asked to discuss amongst their group what could be done to improve their playground. This will in turn be discussed with the class and debated. From here, we will move on to what they know about the problem or situation, what they need to know to define the problem and what resources they need to help them resolve the problem.In this unit, students will be encouraged to•identify what it is they want to know•gather, sort and organise information•present the information in appropriate ways•reflect on what they have learnt and the inquiry process•think about ways of applying their newly gained information to other situations.This will be accomplished by delivering the...

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