Teaching Grammar As A Parent Essay

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Teaching Grammar as a Parent
As a parent how do you teach grammar? Children learn from their
parents; what they do and how they do it. Of course, children learn
from their teachers, as well as, other children. But most of all,
children learn from their everyday surroundings and environment.
Some parents think that once their children are in school, they can
relax and let the education system take charge. But this is not the
case at all. Based on my own experience, my husband and I have had
an even greater influence on our children’s academic results than the
school system. Most of a child’s capacity to communicate, to
describe to teachers and peers and their feelings towards learning, is
formed at home. Parents can help give their children an advantage
and begin their education at home, even before they start school.
Can children learn grammar from just writing their own words? Or is
it best to drill and drill, then test their skill, and drill again and
test again on just grammar? Which way is best in developing
grammar? If you think the education system will do it all, think
again. The parents of today need to be prepared, motivated, and of
course, confident to help their children succeed.

How do we prepare our children? First off, reading, reading, and
more reading to children at an early age can give them a head start
when they start school. Parents should not stop reading or helping
their children when they do start going to school. They still like
to be read to, and it can help to increase their vocabulary as well.
Parents can also help their children with their reading skills by
providing them with reading chances. Parents can read books, signs,
magazines or newspapers. Teaching children the alphabet while they
are young can also help them with their spelling, reading and grammar.

Motivation also plays a key role in a child’s learning process. The
definition of motivation is force, stimulus, or influence. What
motivates our children to learn? I believe this takes a lot of
different ingredients. A key factor is the ability to work against
discouragement and to keep on going. Keeping motivation going, is
keeping the excitement going and getting our children to say, “I want
to learn more about this” or “I want to be better at this”. A good
example of this might be grandparents, aunts, and uncles telling
stories on what excites them or even a neighbor, who loves
carpentry. I believe learning is at the heart of motivation and the
majority of the time we our moving too fast to even recognize it.
Another ingredient is effort; your children view their surroundings
and how parents make an effort. Your children will notice that you
are making an effort and think, that it can’t be too unpleasant.

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