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Training Process In Organizations Essay

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Human resource is an important element of every business with employees, and is a job that requires ongoing training, commitment and integrity. Most organizations have a centralized training area which is the Human Resource Department (HRD). The role of the Human Resource Department is to improve the organization’s effectiveness by providing employees with the knowledge, skill, and abilities that will improve their current or future job performance. An effective training process is aimed at achieving the organization’s productivity goals. According to Blanchard and Thacker (1999), there are five important steps in the process of training in organization which are analyzing the training needs, designing the training program, developing the training program, implementing the training program and evaluating the training program (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1).
The first step in training process in organization is to analyze the training needs. Training needs analysis is a systematic method to determine what is needed to be done in order to improve employees’ performances in a particular job to the expected level. These training needs depend on the environment, the performance of the organization, and how many people need to be trained immediately or in the future. Blanchard and Thacker had stated that sometimes, the employees do not meet their job performance requirements. For one thing, the environment can affect the way the organization managers design job, supervise the employees, and make decisions (Schneider, 1976). This is to ensure customers’ requirements are fulfilled and to achieve the accommodation goal of the organization.
Nonetheless, the Human Resource Department is then identifies what the employee needs. This step includes conducting culture survey to determine the way employees perceive the aspect of their work. In analyzing step, from the culture survey, the Human Resource Department is able to know the strength and weaknesses of the employees. This step is crucial as it benefits the organizations generally in many ways. For example, the training needs analysis increases the possibility of having lower cost and less time to be spent. In this step, the standard can be determined later in evaluation step. At the same time, the analysis of the training needs boosts up the motivation of the participants, which in this case, the employees. The last advantage of training needs analysis is that it provides crucial elements in implementing the strategic plan.
Secondly, the Human Resource Department designs the training program. This step is essential because not all employees are able to be trained using the similar methods as everyone else. During this stage, the Human Resource Department identifies the most suitable design program on their employees based on the previous analysis step. A good training design benefits the employees throughout the training program. In designing the program, it includes having a clear objective on what...

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