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Training Program Essay

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This paper will develop a training program for a new employee at Liberty Tax service. This training will entail usage of interactive user driven menus to learn the income tax program. The training program will also consist of the monitoring training needs, objectives, implementation, evaluation, and reinforces that are required to prepare the employee for the position at my organization. The paper will describe the employees' requirements for the position in the organization.In small businesses with one or two employees the responsibility for human resources usually lies with the owner. Other small businesses with a slightly larger workforce may have a designated person whose job is to look after issues relating to staff. Customer satisfaction is no doubt dependent on a large number of variables. At times it may be difficult to measure the actual benefits of training in terms of customer satisfaction, it appears essential to provide some type of training for employees to improve job performance.At the writers franchisee the employees needs training is determined by what they are bringing to the table at the time of hiring. As the owner of the business, I cannot simply rely on the employees coming in with all the necessary skills to be successful in their position. Some may require more computer skills, while others need receptionist or time management skills. The employee is responsible for income tax preparation, customer service, outgoing mail, and receptionist.Individual needs should drive the training program and this is not always an easy task to accomplish. A one-size-fits-all approach to management training will most likely not be highly successful. Once training needs have been identified, then training objectives and priorities must be established by identifying a gap analysis, which indicates the distance between where an employee is, with his or her capabilities and where the needs to be. Training objectives and priorities are then set to close the gap. Three types of training objectives which can be set are the knowledge, skills, and the attitude.In the writers organization it is imperative that the employee understand how to use a computer, and the various office programs which are used on a daily basis. If the employee does not understand how to use these, this is where the training has to begin. When the employee does have the concept of computer usage, the next step is to use user driven income examples. This way the employee has a chance to learn how to enter the required taxation information into the program, without the worry of messing up a client's tax return. The employee is then left on his or her own to learn by entering many different examples.Another form...

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