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Training Programs Essay

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Managing a business has many factors to it. Hiring the right employees and having the right tools to make your business successful will only help your business grow and develop. Adapting a training program will help the employee understand how the business works and sets job expectations at the beginning of employment. This way the employee has specific job training prior to being independent in their job role. The training program also needs to include continuous and advanced training due to job functions changing and additions to the job description By creating continuous and advanced training this will allow the business to evaluate their employees consistently instead of once a year and will help an employee grow with the company and advance into new roles in the company.
The first step that an organization needs to do is complete a needs analysis. This process just helps the organization determine what type of training is needed (Aamodt, 2013). Examples could be analyze each department and determine what is missing in training and what needs to be added to training. My company focuses on customer service, so I would analyze the customer service department to see what needs to change during new employee training and maybe add some type of customer service training.
The second step is to complete an organizational analysis. This determines the organizations factors that will inhibit training effectiveness or facilitate effectiveness (Aamodt, 2013). I would have to determine what type of training is needed based on my budget. By completing an organization analysis this helps create company goals that you want to be achieved and you will need to determine a place where training will be conducting during this analysis.
Step three is to look at task analysis and this helps determine the conditions of tasks in each job role and department (Aamodt, 2013). It is important to investigate what areas in the job that needs to be trained on and this will help determine what type of training is needed. Maybe information’s system employee who repairs technology and creates usernames and passwords needs to have specific tests that need to be completed by passed by end of training.
The final step of analyzing is called person analysis and this is when you determine what individuals need what training. Currently at work right now I am creating an advanced training program. I am working with each department supervisor and gathering information about each employee to see where they stand in their job and how to get them to the next level. During this time I review the 90 day or yearly appraisals. This is called performance appraisal scores and this helps determine what type of training is needed for individuals and will help you determine if there needs to be some type of department specific training too. Gathering this type of information can be done by conducting interviews, surveys, skills and knowledge tests and using critical...

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