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Teaching Reflection On A Single Variable Equation Math Lesson

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I selected to do a small group math lesson. At this time of the year eighth graders are reviewing for Standardized Testing. One of the things they need practice on is their algebra skills, such as solving linear equations. The focus of this lesson was on solving linear equations with one variable. There are various standards that deal with solving equations, but for these students I narrowed it down to single-variable equations: Solve linear equations. The Alabama standard used from this lesson was 8. EE.7.b Solve linear equations with rational number coefficients, including equations whose solutions require expanding expressions using the distributive property and collecting like terms.
The necessary materials were prepared in advance which included:
• Expo markers
• Dry erasers
• Worksheets “When are the equations true?”
• Assessment worksheets “When are the equations true?”
• Pencils
Lesson Outline:
1. Activator:
Student will work individually on the assessment task designed to reveal their current understanding and difficulties. The teacher will walk around to review and evaluate students work. Afterward, the teacher will select two students to go to the board (for Sally and Jim) to explain that character work. The teacher will evaluate student’s response and demonstration of their work.
2. Teaching/Instruction:
Give each student a copy of the assessment task “When are the equations true?” Give students seven minutes to work individually to answer these questions, without assistance. Explain to the students not to worry too much if they do not understand how to solve the equation, just do their best. In this unit they will work on similar task that will help them understand better. By the end of this unit, they will be able to solve these type equations with confident.
Student will work as whole class to discuss “When are the equations true?” for Sally and Jim. The class will collaborate about why the equations are correct or incorrect based on their solutions. Students will work on justifying and explaining their work to increase their thinking and reasoning.
3. Guided Practice:
In groups students with work on the worksheet “When are the equations true?” Group 1 will solve odd problems while Group 2 will solve even problems from worksheet. Give each student a copy of the worksheet “When are the equations true?” Give students fifteen minutes to solve the equations. Then, students will select one person in their group to go to the blackboard to explain and demonstrate how to solve for their selected equation. Students are allowed to first get assist from members in their group and then from the other group and the teacher. This will take...

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