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Training Session Essay

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Training sessions aim to develop one’s skills and knowledge on a particular topic, usually to benefit their job performance (Hubbard, 2004, p. 124). Preparation is the inevitably one of the first stages of training sessions. According to Polonsky and Waller (2004) “effective presentations, academic or business require preparation” (p. 432). This stage can be separated into three subcategories, forming, storming and norming. Yeung (2000) defines forming as when the team assembled and storming being when discussion increases amongst the group members (p.18). Lastly, the stage where the group begins to develop and construct their project is referred to as norming (Yeung, 2000, p. 18). This paper will focus the reflection of the preparation phase as a whole, from the recent percussion training session conducted by, James Gilmore, Tik Man Mok (“Henry”), Nguyen Duc Danh (“Daniel”) and myself, Courtney VanGent. Overall, the training session was deemed satisfactory; I found that the core strengths were found in the preparation sector and included, the regular meetings and that there were no conflicts amongst the group members. Although the training was successful, the evaluation forms completed by the participants’ suggested that some trainers lacked a suitable about of knowledge of the topic and that the group should have spent more time practicing. Recommendations will also be made throughout so that future-training sessions can be considered effective.

Before considering the weaknesses from the training session, it is important to highlight the strengths that I believed are focused around the meetings and the lack of conflict within the group. West (2004) strongly believes that “interaction and meetings are vital for team functioning” (p. 104). I found that my group’s meetings at first were weak, however by the third meeting, conversation and discussion flourished. The group would hold meetings twice for a minimum of an hour each week at Griffith University; this was a common location for all of us and this was a suitable place to conduct the meetings. Prior to these conferences, the group would have a clear concept what should be completed during the meetings. It was suggested by Messer (2002) that when conducting group meetings the participants are focused and everyone interacts with one another (p. 15). The Majority of the meetings that were held, the participants were focused. It was obvious that some members, Daniel and Henry did not have much music experience. In order to meet their needs and requirements for the training session, multiple meetings were focused on James teaching everyone elementary drumming patterns. However, I believe that since “knowledge of percussion” was lacking from the majority of the group it would have been more beneficial to have conducted more than two meetings that centralized around teaching us, specifically Daniel, Henry and myself more about percussion or at least more time to practice each group member’s...

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